Thursday, 5 February 2009

Siri 2: Kehidupan saya di Flat Taman Melati


Last time when I wrote about my life in flat Taman Melati, I was feeling anguished and confused. It was because somebody had maliciously rubbed cat poop/taik kucing on the outer walls of my flat, nearby the stairs. That was 16 January 2009.

I couldn't bring myself to write about it because I was feeling ashamed, and guilty, and I wanted to spare my parents from reading the post. I don't want them to get anxious because of the incident....but after the latest incident yesterday, hubby and my sister urged me to write about it on my blog, and let everyone know what I was going thru. Instead of judging me as a snob.

Let me start from the beginning.......

It all started a few years ago when I started feeding the stray cats outside my flat, including Mami and Cemeng. There used to be a big, yellow, bushy tomcat who would be feeding there as well. He used to crap or vomit in front of my house almost everyday and I'd clean up the mess. Not long after, somebody stuffed a newspaper filled with cat poop on my flat front grill. I got the shock of my life. At that time, I thought the residents were angry at me because the cats pooed on the stairs and maybe on their floor (I was on the 2nd floor).

Next incident (few months later), somebody put the cat poop in front of my door. Hubby said it was the cats, but I was convinced somebody put it there. Being a cat lover, I'd knew the difference between fresh cat poo and old ones. The poop in front of my house have hardened and it was scattered. Normal cats won't crap without something to cover their poo with, hence they'd always crap where there is sand or earth.

The third incident, the cat poop was placed in between my door and grill. That was obviously somebody's malicious doing. Hubby started to take this seriously as he realised that somebody was on to us. Dengki. There were few other incidents, always poop put in front of my door. I'd stopped feeding the cats publicly. The yellow tomcat died soon after. The incidents had stopped for months. We'd began to have peace of mind for quite some time.

Starting middle of last year, it had started again with a vengeance. Almost every week, we'd get a "surprise package". I was silent about it, only venting out to a few people: my sister, Ms Fantaghiro, Noreez Azlan. Hubby started telling a few neighbours about it: Pak Din, Makcik Sarah, our landlord's brother who also lived there.

Some bad incidents that I had to go thru: taik kucing were smeared on my padlock early in the morning when I was rushing off to work. WTF???? Had to use my own hands to open the padlock and cleaning it afterwards! Do you have any idea how disgusting that was and how terkutuk that person is for what he/she had done??? Ini memang betul2 kes menganiaya orang. Taik kucing smeared on our walls. Taik kucing dumped and smeared in front of our door. Without a doubt that taik kucing was intentionally put in front of our house. The effects on me: some days I was so mad about it, some days I was resigned at the wrongdoing, and some days I don't care at all.....but mentally and emotionally, I was suffering.

Last night, the girls renting in front of our house had a discussion with us after an especially large pooped dumped and smeared in front of my house. One of the girls said it was still "fresh" when she came back at 5.15pm. She believed it was human poop. They were angry as well to this daily dumping of poop. I didn't know that it was a strain on them as well, because they had to see the poop and smell it too!! All this while, I was feeling as if I was to blame because last time I used to feed the cats and they were crapping everywhere. I thought everybody was happy that we got what we deserved. I never thought that it would also effect my front door neighbours mentally.

The girls were disbelieved at how I could've keep silent and stand this for almost one year. They even said that whoever have done it is kurang ajar and melampau. They have suggested us to report to AJK block and also to the police. I must admit that the thought have crossed my mind, together with the fantasy that police would cross examined every one about it, and the perp would be frightened to ever do it again. But hubby said must have some evidence to support our complaints. What the girls said made me realised that we were teraniaya. And we shouldn't be hiding from what the perp have done.

Modus Operandi:
The perp will choose to do the deed very early in the morning, around 5.30am or late afternoon, around 4pm++, when everybody's at work or not woken up yet. Now, the perp use a carboard to scoop the poop and dump it on my front door. It may only take a few sconds to do the deed. Therefore, the perp needs to be quick. It is believed that the perp may live on the immediate above floor to mine. Come on, takkan nak bawak turun taik tuh dr tingkat 5 ke tingkat 2, without anyone noticing it?? That's our logic anyway. The perp have discarded the poop once by throwing it out, possibly because kantoi with somebody. The perp must be mentally twisted as he/she sanggup scoop and carry the taik kucing ke bawah instead of buang terus. How sick is that??

Honestly, I don't know what to do. I can't go knocking at people's house to ask if they'd done it or seen the perp. Hope hubby's plan to catch or witness the perp works out. And we will report this to the police as soon as we have some evidence.

Some pics below for your reference:

16 January 2009: this was discoverd by hubby around 7pm
30 January 2009 (Friday)

1 February 2009 (Sunday): Night

2 February 2009 (Monday): Morning

4 February 2009: Discoverd by my front door neighbour around 5.15pm, still fresh (read: wet & smelly). The perpertrator must've done this around 4pm++. Couldn't bring myself to take a better picture. It was disgusting. My neighbour believed that this was human poop.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Award from TiNiE

First time ever dapat award and post it on my blog....thanks TiNiE!!!
Now, I'd like to award: Noreez Azlan, Hnyhar, La Signora, Salfaryna, Kerabu Jantung, The Silent Scribbler, Ziah, Aza De Kaza & Sue
Thank you, thank you...I feel like a star!!!!!