Sunday, 26 April 2009


I must admit that I've been possessed (pun intended!) lately with tales of the supernatural. Sure, I'm still scared of horror flick like the scream fest Carrie or the Exorcist or Friday the 13th. That's why I opted for a more tolerable one hour supernatural series or vampire movies as they are lest gory than the rip-your-body-apart-blood-everywhere kinda movie.

Right now I'm obsessed with Supernatural the series, partly because it is just an hour watch on supernatural stuff. I must because I so love Dean Winchester. Apart from his green eyes and smouldering good looks (Jensen Ackles is of Irish, British & Scottish descendent), he is a typical manly man, loves rock music, loves action and loves chick. Compared to his brother Sam, he is the ignorant one on manners and to a certain extent, the world. All he cares about is hunting evil in the form of "things you never dream about" and demons (it is the core of the series). But he does bring a certain humour to the show with his masochist attitude and the relationship with his brother Sam is fun to watch.

Am marathon watching season 2, I got seasons 1 - 4 on DVD. Got them dirt cheap in Batu Ferringhi night market last march. RM4 for one cd, and buy 5 get one free. Crazy or what?? For one entire season I'd spend about RM20 for 6 DVDs!! Ms Fantaghiro, I am so coming with you next time you go back to Penang. Spent more money on other DVDs - Cashmere Mafia, Confessions of a Call Girl, and some music cds.

Also, been obsessed with the Twilight series. Sure, it is not the best book in the world, in fact it got bad reviews in Goodreads. But I am a sucker for vampire movies, even if the female lead is very clingy and weak and sometimes stupid. Even bought the books to read and found out that Twilight have been the rage all over in the US and I've bought the sequel to Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. I agree with the reviews which have stated poor characterization, thin plots, and personally I think the story could be written in less than 500++ pages. Other books to read in this category: Anne Rice's Complete Vampire Chronicles, Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Wind of change...?

Earlier this week, we had our first meeting with the new Minister of Tourism, YB Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen. We were told to wear our uniform, which was in the shade of cream and light brown, because it is a Tuesday, and on Tuesdays we have to wear the uniform. The Minister arrived in an elegant turqoise chiffon kebaya with matching shoes and coiffured hair! Quite befitting as a Minister of Tourism, where first impression DOES matters. Unlike the butch, once upon a time...

She was so fired up with the first assembly, urging us to work hard, bring the tourism industry to a higher level and to be a happy Ministry. She told us that all the other ministers congratulated her when it was announced the she was to be the Minister of Tourism. She mentioned that when she was in the Women's Affairs Ministry, everyday she's be faced with sad stories - of babies being abandoned, husbands beating their wives, single mothers, etc. Therefor, in Tourism everyone must be happy and smile a lot as it will be reflected in your performance and to the industry.

I guess she's right. We were in misery for the past year since the previous minister ruled with her iron fist. Good RIDDANCE to her. We need a new life. I can forsee the days of working late as in Datuk Kadir's time. Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen mentioned that her door is always open and she worked until 10pm. Yikes! But she said that every monday, nobody is allowed to stay late as it should be a quality time with the family. Hmmm...balance in work and life? Dare I hope that it is to be so....

And finally, she said that as we need to be a happy Ministry we should not be in uniform (and a drab one at that, I might add!). We should be wearing colours, like the Colours of Malaysia (which is also Citrawarna in tourism terms), we should not be restricted in uniforms. So, from now on we should be wearing colours. Now, that is in your FACE, former disgraced minister!

To early to tell about our new Minister but I have a good feeling about her....

Friday, 17 April 2009

Perpetrator caught red handed

Chronology of Events

5 Feb, 10.30pm

Hubby set a spy cam on our front balcony facing our door and the stairs on Thursday night, right after another incident happened at 10.30pm that same night.

6 Feb, noon
Hubby left home at 9am on Friday morning (6 Feb), and he came back before Friday prayers to check on the house. Lo and behold, there it was the "parcel" on our padlock, no less!! Front door neighbour said its human poo, the smell is incredible. The best thing was that we managed to caught the perp in action.

6 Feb, Nite
We showed the video to some neighbours and also Rukun Tetanga. Some people identified the guy as who had moved in to the flat 6 months ago. He works as a car salesman and wife is homemaker, with a small baby. The husband looked like an ex-army. It seems that this is the work of both husband and wife. How keji was that??We had to cancel our travel plans to Penang and Taiping because hubby had a bad feeling about things.

7 Feb, morning
Again on Saturday, the guy did it again. We didn't want to confront him yet as our Rukun Tetangga advised to use a pschological approach, so that he won't suspect that we knew what he was doing.

8 Feb, morning
Sunday morning (8 Feb), hubby was keeping an eye on the spy cam. I was in the toilet getting ready. Suddenly I heard hubby yelp: Oi! OI!! I quickly came out of the bathroom, wondering what happened. Saw hubby at bottom of the stairs facing another perp: his wife. So keji!!!

When confronted she said some cat been pooping upstairs. We gave her a spray to discourage cat to poop at the same place. About half an hour later, the husband came down banging at our door, demanding why we were attacking his wife. My hubby was trying to calm him but he kept asking my hubby to go down and "settle things". Hubby, the neighbours and me were having a showdown with him. All he can say was to go down and "settle things" and finally he left. Thank God nobody was hurt.

8 Feb, afternoon
We lodged a police report at Balai Polis Sentul then was reffered to Balai Polis Wangsa Maju because there was an investigating officer. Nothing happened.

9 Feb
Nothing happened, but we took precautions not to bump into him.

Not long after this we found out that finally our apartment was ready to move in. We began to move out gradually from mid feb to end of March.

- End -

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Back From the Dead...

I've been on hiatus......a long one at that. It's just so many things happened in my life when I last wrote on this blog that I wanted to take a break. Ms Fantaghiro and Kerabu Jantung had been urging me to update my blog, and I always say that I'm busy. Another truth is I was feeling down when the cat poop incident happened, and I felt bitter about it. Oh, we caught the perp red-handed a few days after my last posting...won't deliberate here.

But that's that. I've moved on to a new home end of March 2009. It's quite near to my old flat but this is a much better neighbourhood. I've started a new life (sort of) and it came at a very appropriate time. Feeling kinda happy, my house is still a mess, lots of things to unpack. We had a doa selamat with just the families, and I have a really good feeling about this house.

So hopefully with this note, I'd be more rajin to update my blog and catch up reading all of your blogs..........WELCOME BACK TO ME!!