Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Cats Pics

My interests in cats hasn't waned but now am content in observing them from far. Below are a collection of cat pics that I captured in various places - KL, Kedah, Rompin

In KL: This one here is called "Boifren" coz he's the only male cat around my apartment. He knows that I called him Boifren coz he would get closer to me but would never let me touch him. Feisty one, this is.

In Rompin: Three generations of cats sleeping together, the aunty cat called Belang is smothering the little one, but he doesn't mind, whilst the mothercat "Kelabu" doesn't care what happens to her kitten
Closer look at how Belang is smothering the littel one (he is nameless at the momemt coz we don't know if he would survive or not since his two siblings died weeks before)
Kelabu - Sleep with one eye open

Playing with its mother

I called him "Si Gemuk" coz he's fat like a cow and eats a lot - needs supervision during mealtime coz he hogs the catfood

Belang sniffing around

The little one in action

In Kedah: I met these two in Sg Petani when we were checking out houses there. They looked starved so I gave them some catfood
These two fatties were around the turkey cage at my uncle's house in Sg Petani. Not very friendly though and obviously about to burst with kitties.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Biskut Mazola

Biskut kacang courtesy of Hanim

Whenever it’s Hari Raya and its our turn to go back to Yan, Kedah, I would look forward to eating biskut Mazola - a slightly salty peanut cookie that is so simple but decadent at the same time. My aunty who lives in Yan make the best biskut Mazola that I’d ever tasted. The peanut cookies are so good and none came close to hers. Sometimes I’d buy the readymade peanut cookies (as pictured above) but it never tasted as delicious like the ones she used to make.

Biskut Mazola also reminded me so much of my kampong in Yan. The big old family house in Yan, where everyone gathered for raya, was a fond memory in my mind. Our family, which always arrived last would have to sleep on the upper portion of the house. During the day, the place where we slept was like a veranda, always so airy and cool when all the French windows were opened. There were lime green carpeting on the wooden floor, which I always thought were cheery and refreshing to an otherwise ordinary kampong house. There was also a flight of stairs connecting outside to the veranda, and us kids always used that way for shortcut into the second floor when we played. 

For me, its not just the biskut but its the kampong life and being a youth at that time and playing around with my cousins (whom we only meet once a year since we lived so far awat) that I always associate with whenever I eat a piece of biskut Mazola.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Udang Galah in Rompin

Fresh Udang Galah in Rompin. A Grade B size of udang galah will set you back about RM60 per kilo plus cooking it. Featured here is udang galah cooked in chinese style sweet sambal with egg in it. This was about half a kilo of udang galah (about 16 pieces).
Look for the udang galah sign by the roadside and you'll know where to stop...
Road side restaurant along the road in Lanjut
If you have any doubts about the restaurant just look for the signage on the door that says "udang galah sold here"
Entrance to Lanjut, the udang galah restaurants are dotted on the opposite side of the road.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Strawberry Farm in Genting

Strawberry Farm in Genting - entrance is FOC, parking is easy
Craving for strawberries? Wanna see how strawberries are grown without having to go to Cameron Highlands? Then just drive up to Gohtong Jaya, halfway up to Genting and visit the Taman Santai Strawberi Genting. Apart from just a strawberry farm, this leisure farm concept is all encompassing area for family fun such as shopping, cafe, mini animal park (bee museum, parrots, albino python), mushroom farm, fresh fruits, vegies and flowers & shopping area. This place is good for a family fun afternoon.

Luscious strawberries in a rasa dia masam lah...
Cacat strawberry

Strawberries in various phase - ripe, green & flowering

The strawberry fruit comes out of the flower

Strawberries systematically planted in a pot, row after row. Visitors can pluck their own strawberries from the pots

Fancy strawberries dipped in chocolate?

The gang having a bit of refreshment with fresh strawberry blended, strawberry milkshake and strawberry tea

Tired of strawberries? Have some fried mushroom instead.

Passion fruits hanging low around the shops

Faris and the giant strawberry

There's also a mushroom farm. Loved the mushrooms there as it is fresh and there are certain species only found in highland