Friday, 16 November 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt

Just wanna wish everyone a Happy Deepavali & Salam Maal Hijrah.

With the two festivities, we have public holidays. Who doesn't love a public holiday especially in the middle of the week and two days at that on the same week!

But to be honest,this has been a confusing week for me. As you know, we celebrated Deepavali on Tuesday and Awal Muharam on Thursday of this week. Its nice to take a break in the middle of the week but for me the working days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday felt very odd because I start working everyday like its Monday but end everyday like its a Friday.

Allow me to explain. Usually after a weekend off, you feel dread that Monday is looming. So when 7pm comes on a Sunday, you start to feel that the rest day is so precious as it is about to end. But Monday still comes the next morning. With it some Monday blues, but you quickly adapt with the routine of the work. And so it goes for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. But Bam! Friday comes and you know its the last day of the week and after that it is your rest day again. So you go about the day knowing that Saturday is coming and you will have that rest time that you so crave. So the circle of life goes on and on.

But with this week, I have Monday AND Friday on the same day for three days. I started work with some Monday blues but after lunch I feel light hearted because the next day is a rest day. So this happened to me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is surreal and I feel conflicted. Maybe I am too jaded and set in certain ways, especially what I am feeling on different days.

But I am glad that today is Friday, for real! This week is finally over and next week we can start with our usual days again :)


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lawak Hari Ini

What's wrong with this picture??

Kasut jenama sama, cutting yang sama, ketinggian yang sama, bila pakai takda rasa canggung pun.....tapi jeng jeng jeng.........designnya berlainan! Ya, saya dah buat satu lawak bodo hari ni.

Yang bestnya, dengan kasut ni saya dah pergi site inspection ke Chin Swee Temple di Genting dari pagi sampai tengahari, baru tersedar rupa-rupanya kasut dah salah pasangan. Bila tanya rakan-rakan saya yang sama-sama pergi site inspection tersebut, mereka pun tak perasan saya dah salah pakai kasut dan kalau ada orang lain yang terperasan pun mungkin ingat ini fashion statement!

So, moral of the story is:

1. Tengok betul-betul bila nak sarungkan kasut, mana tau pakai kasut lain warna ke, tersarung kasut orang ke....
2. Tapi kalau dah tersalah pakai kasut, buat bo je - ye lah, bold fashion statement kan!
3. Redha jer lah dengan kejadian ni.
4. Simpan stok kasut kat ofis - atau foldable shoes dalam handbag.

p/s: Nasib baik kat ofis ada banyak stok kasut....

Friday, 20 July 2012

Salam Ramadhan 2012

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa Ramadhan 2012
Sabtu 21 Julai 2012 (1 Ramadhan 1433 Hijrah)
Semoga amalan kita diberkati Allah. Amin 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Ceri & Belang & Kucing Gemuk

Kucing.....kucing......kucing.....tak ada cerita apa2, just nak share gambar masa time makan kucing ni.....

Tunggu masa nak makan, kalau bukan masa makan tak nampak batang hidung!
Dah puas mengiau, Ceri rileks kejap
Ni sebab Ceri diberi nama Ceri - byk spots kat badannya

Kucing gemuk ni pun tunggu makan
Belang berehat depan rumah lepas dh kenyang

Tunggu Belang makan dulu
Ceri & Kucing gemuk (yang sebenarnya agak manja sebab nak makanan kot)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Too nice to handle

I was informed that I am too "nice" - coming from a colleague who have been working together with me for the past 10 years, and thus probably thinks that he/she have an authority to inform me on this matter. This colleague mentioned that 10 years ago I was too naive and thinks everybody is "good". Obviously judging from my colleague's tone, that it was an error in my character because whenever the colleague and some other colleagues tried to bitch about somebody that I know, I would say that people is basically good. I was probably mentioning something positive or an unknown fact about the person that they seem to have beef with. So this makes it hard for them to bitch or gossip about other people to me as I was perceived as too nice to participate in this bitching ritual.

What is wrong with this picture? Is being nice/good considered a flaw in a person these days? Or is it because I don't participate in their vicious gossips and probably a deterrent in rumour mongering among themselves? I don't know.

They were glad that I have grown up and became more skeptical about people. Maybe I have grown up and have a different perspective about how the world works now but in my heart of heart, I still think people is good. Unless they have proven otherwise to me. Maybe thinking that everyone is good is a dangerous notion in this day and age because we don't know if that person might be a psycho or harbouring something dark in their heart. What this colleague perceived as me being more skeptical most probably came from my knowledge of things happening around the office, and thus made me privy to information most people don't know of.

They probably think if they bitch about a particular person that I know, maybe somehow I would pass on the message. I think that is their business and would not meddle with gossipers who probably have nothing better to do than pick a beef with somebody just because they are weird or do not confirm to their social standards. Hello, not everyone is born a gossiper. I don't need to know what's happening with so and so, if it doesn't concern or have an effect on me. Probably I am better off without the gossips so I don't have a share for it later in akhirat. Wallahu a'lam.

FYI, I am still nice. Deal with it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mee Goreng Basah ala BP

Mee goreng basah

Hari cuti ni saya cuba goreng mee resipi Kak Anim (kak ipar) yang saya dapat masa balik dari Batu Pahat hujung minggu lepas dan lepas tu tokok tambah secukup rasa.

Boleh kata menjadi jugak sebab saya tak pernah buat mee goreng dan rasanya boleh tahan, agak pedas dan berperisa sebab ada udang.

500gm mee kuning - basuh & toskan
5 ulas bawang kecil merah
3 ulas bawang putih
8-10 ekor udang kering
1 sudu besar makan cili boh
1 sudu besar makan cili sos
1 sudu besar makan tomato sos
1 sudu besar kicap atau sos tiram
10 ekor udang basah saiz sederhana - dibuang kulit dan dibersihkan.
Kulit & kepala udang direbus untuk dapatkan airnya
Fishball & fishcake secukup rasa - atau boleh digantikan dengan ayam/daging
Sayur sawi secukupnya - atau taugeh
Air secukupnya

Cara memasak:
1. Tumbuk atau blend bawang merah + bawang putih + udang kering dan tumiskan
2. Masukkan cili boh dan tumis sampai naik minyak
3. Tambah sos cili, sos tomato, kicap/sos tiram dan air rebusan udang
4. Masukkan udang/ayam/daging/fishball/fishcake
5. Masukkan sawi + mee kuning dan gaul sehingga mesra
6. Hidangkan dan siap untuk dimakan! Untuk 4-5 orang makan

1. Memandangkan first time buat mee goreng, saya tak pandai agak ramuanya jadi mee goreng ni masin sedikit sebab saya letak garam tambahan. Sebenarnya tak perlu sebab dah ada udang kering + sos cili, sos tomato, kicap/sos tiram.
2. Masak pakai sukatan lebih senang terutamaya kalau resipi sendiri, jadi boleh masak balik dengan rasa yang sama setiap kali.
3. Walaupun pakai sukatan yang sama tapi rasa mungkin berubah sikit sebab jenama sos, saiz udang, kepedasan cili boh mungkin berbeza dari resipi asal.
4. Okay saya cheat sikit masak mee goreng ni sebab ada letak "Cukup Rasa". Rasanya tak payah letak kalau udang kering saya buat resipi asal tadi cukup (5 ekor). 
5. Kalau nak mee goreng lebih basah, tambah saja air secukupnya.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Abu Dhabi : Desert Safari

On our last day in  Abu Dhabi, we finished the tradeshow at 1pm and our flight back to KL will be later on  the same night (well technically it will be tomorrow morning at 2.40pm (via Etihad Airways)). Since we have more than 12 hours to kill before our flight, we decided to go on the desert safari which will start from 3pm and finish around 9pm. We calculated that we will be back to the hotel latest by 10pm, have at least 1 hour to refresh ourselves before heading out to the airport by 11.30pm that night.

The safari cost us about 200 dirham each (about RM168). Pick up was at hotel by the tour company in a 4WD. There were 3 of us in the car and we shared with a family of 3 (minimum 6 pax) - John, his daughter and granddaughter. We rode out from Abu Dhabi to Al -Ain which took about 1 hour. John used to work in the UAE many year ago and he shared with us that Al-Ain was the old capital of Abu Dhabi and used to be Summer administration and come winter, the administration moved to Abu Dhabi. Finally, it was decided that the administration moved to Abu Dhabi.

Along the highway to Al-Ain, we saw many trees on the right and left side f the road. John told us that Syeikh Zayed the ruler had planted those trees. Each tree has its own water outlet which hydrates the tree. A massive undertaking to keep Abu Dhabi green.

Then we reached our first stop at a camel farm. There were a bunch of camels feeding on dried grass. we were told that they were females and males were kept in a nearby cage as they are quite volatile and likes to bite and spit on people.

Females are docile enough and I was able to pet its body. She doesn't mind it though. The fur wass rough like carpet.

The reason for the stop at the camel farm was to cool down the 4WD engines

Look at the smooth desert with its fine grain sand. There are some plants but it will soon wither and die.

We reached base camp after more than half an hour of dune basing
Entrance to the base camp (view taken from the inside)

Yours truly at table for all the travellers

Behind our table was the  stage for the entertainment

With Emily, John's grandaughter

Belly dancer

Henna tattoo on my arm. Stayed there for two weeks!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was initiated by the late president HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was regarded as the father of the UAE. The construction used artisans and natural materials such as marble, stone, gold, semi-precious stones, crystals and ceramics from countries such as Italy, Germany, Morocco, India, Turkey, Iran, China, Greece and the UAE. The 22,412 square metre Mosque site is equivalent to around the size of five football fields, and can accommodate 40,960 worshipper. More info on Visit Abu Dhabi and Wikipedia. Walk-in tours are available every day and its complimentary. Guest are reminded to be properly dressed as a sign of respect. However, abayas and head cover are readily available for loan. The Mosque guards will guide you on what ti wear and where to walk onsite.

Tip: If you take a taxi to the mosque, please ask the taxi driver to wait as it is difficult to find a taxi for the return trip.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque features 82 domes of Moroccan design and all decorated with white marble.

Italian white marble and inlaid floral designs adorn the prayer halls- this is on the wall

On the floor - Italian white marble with inlaid floral designs
The main prayer hall features the world’s largest chandelier under the main dome – being 10 metres in diameter, 15 metres in height and weighing over nine tonnes. The Mosque’s seven gold-coloured chandeliers, from Germany, feature thousands of Swarovski crystals from Austria and some glasswork from Italy, and cost about US$8.2 million (AED 30 million).

The 99 names (qualities) of Allah featured on the Qibla wall exemplify traditional Kufi calligraphy, designed by the prominent UAE calligrapher - Mohammed Mandi. 
The Qibla wall also features subtle fibre-optic lighting, which is integrated as part of the organic design.

The 96 columns in the main prayer hall are round in shape and inlaid with mother of pearl.

I am standing on the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet. Designed by Iranian artist, Ali Khaliqi, the carpet was hand-crafted by 1,200 artisans in small villages near Mashhadin in Iran, a region renowned for its carpet making expertise. The artisans were flown to Abu Dhabi to stitch the carpet pieces together for the final fitting. Consisting of 2,268,000 knots, the Mosque’s carpet is estimated to be valued at US$8.2 million (AED 30 million).

The Mosque has approximately 1,000 columns in its outer areas which are clad with more than 20,000 marble panels inlaid with semi-precious stones, including lapis lazuli, red agate, amethyst, abalone shell and mother of pearl. 

Inside of one of the minaret

Water cooler

Side view of the mosque and this is where the visitors exit

View from the highway: 4 beautiful minarets standing at almost 107 metres each at the four corners of the mosque.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Abu Dhabi

View from hotel. Building of a new shopping mall
I was in Abu Dhabi last month for a business trip. This was my second time to Abu Dhabi, the first was way back in 2005. I saw very little of Abu Dhabi back then because we were only on a day trip from Dubai but the impression was that the city has nothing much to offer. But this time around in Abu Dhabi was an experience for me because there were so many things to do and see in Abu Dhabi. Not as any other tourism destination, everything in Abu Dhabi is about new development and the biggest and best of everything. But didn't have much time to explore the city (all pics was taken within one day). There were many other parts of Abu Dhabi that I didn't explore such as the Heritage Village, Souk at Shangri-La, Marina, etc.

Fountain in the middle of tourist area. Le Meridien hotel just at the back and Abu Dhabi Mall just next to it
Abu Dhabi Mall - good shopping for international brnads like Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, etc

The Abu Dhabi Co-Operative Society - a small scale shopping mall

We walked from Sheraton Abu Dhabi to the tourist area (near Abu Dhabi Mall) which took about 15 mins. Cool weather and windy in the early morning but gets very hot at noon.
Street signs in Abu Dhabi
Mc D promotion - The Arabian
Hardees - looks like Carls Jr but tastes much better!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Unnatural Disaster

(Illustrations only. This is NOT my apartment)
Things will happen when you least expect them, which is the most infuriating part of all. But then I'm no clairvoyant and don't know what will happen in the future. Well, the thing that happened was more of negligence on me/hubby's part. 

Our current apartment is small but comfortable for two. Our washing machine water outlet is through the second/guest bathroom. So whenever we have guest (which is quite rare), we kind of fold up the long water pipe to the side of the washing machine, so that if they want to use the bathroom, the door can be properly closed. So last Saturday we had some guests in our apartment. Hubby did the needful with the water pipe. That same night around 11++ I decided to wash my clothes. Put everything in the washing machine and I let it run. Before I went to bed, I noticed water seeping in the other bathroom and I just thought it was from the bathroom, so I just mop it up and went to bed.

When we woke up the next morning, lo and behold our apartment was flooded! our carpets were soaked and the floor was wet. The water level wasn't high only like a puddle under my feet but was enough to drench the carpets and legs of furniture and my linens & comforters which i stored underneath the bed in my spare bedroom. We had to spend the whole morning mopping the rooms and making sure everything was dry with the aide of a stand fan. I had to dry the carpet outside on the communal lawn and luckily only took two hours to completely dry (turned it over once). I had to wash all the wet linens and comforters (making sure I had the water pipe in the bathroom!). Phew! It was a long day.

It was a lesson learned - never take your home equipments for granted or you may wake up with some surprises!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Ceri & Belang

Ceri & Belang sleeping together in a flower pot - only in Rompin!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Tomato Bruschetta

This is my version of the tomato bruschetta, which is a hit at any food gathering. Its easy to digest food and really simple to make. You just need a few ingredients : bread, tomato, onion, cream cheese and butter/olive oil.

1. Bread is the most important element of the bruschetta. Normally, baguette would be the bread of choice. But other types of bread would do as long as there's a base for the tomato goodness. This is lovely wholemeal bread from Berjaya Times Square Hotel at 14th floor (RM6). Just cut the bread into 2 inch quarters.

2. Cream cheese (any brand) & pesto butter (to spread on bread)
3. Dice one big tomato and half a Spanish onion, season with salt, pepper and the cream cheese

3. Spread the bread with pesto butter (if you don' have any, just substitute with regular butter or olive oil )

Voila! The end product. Ready to eat.