Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Plan

Me and my other half have decided to got to Melaka for the anniversary. Well, rather I decided that we should go to Melaka and he just agreed with the suggestion. The plan was to go to Melaka, go sightseeing and see all the historical places, maybe take a river cruise and go for ikan bakar at Umbai. My other half digs places with sightseeing oppurtunities.
I remembered this quaint little hotel during my last visit to Melaka in 2005, the Aldy Hotel. It's situated right beside the A'Famosa Fort and within walking distance to all the other attractions like the Stadhuys, Jonker street, museums, etc. So, for this trip I decided to book the hotel online. It's a 3-star hotel, and have won an award for Best 3-star hotel from the Government of Melaka in 2005. The response to my email enquiry was quite prompt and the price is quite cheap RM135++ for Superior room. Checkout the website:
Can't wait to go on holiday again, eventhough its a short one and the distance is very near from KL. I think maybe I'm experiencing burn out from work. I can hardly come to work on time nowadays, usually go for long breakfast and lunch breaks, go home early as my mind stop working at 5.30pm (official working hours ends at 5.30pm for me:)). My sister acused me of being a typical government officer because of the freedom and I also have access to the internet, unlike her kedekut company:P. Normally, a 3 days off work can reenergize me by staying at home and doing nothing but I think this time around I need a longer break, or go attend courses (which Training Unit haven't send me in a long,long time) or be reassigned to another division (job rotation).
Talking about job rotation, maybe that's one of the reasons that I'm feeling this way. We are supposed to be rotated to other division or regional office or overseas office every 4 years, which I am overdue. Also, my organisation is going thru a major restructuring and our division will be dissolve. A few close colleagues have been transferred to another division, and I'm still stuck here. Maybe I need the change so that my motivation level will be up!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Next month I'll be celebrating my one year's wedding anniversary. One year?!! Already? So soon... can't believe its already been a year since we got married. I don't feel my life changing so drastically, we still haven't bought a house or a second car or produce any little ones. Maybe we are taking it easy unlike my good friend's aspiration, Mrs Curmudgeon. She recently got married and won't be working for a while, so her plans are: start making babies!
Ok, now back to my anniversary....Ms Fantaghiro suggested we do a barbecue or a steamboat party at my mum's home. I like the idea, but what I'm thinking more is like a getaway with me and my other half. This is my 1st ever wedding anniversary, and I should set a tradition like a romantic getaway, or do something special, so that we would be practising it again next year and the year after. You know, keep the flames burning. I can't think of anywhere brilliant to go at this moment, maybe somewhere near like Melaka, or Genting or PD and stay somewhere affordable and just hanging around, enjoying the food, culture and atmosphere. For now, I'll be hunting for the prefect getaway. Maybe It'll happen, maybe not. Depends on what other brilliant ideas I might have or how much more money I can spend for this.
God, I wish I had more money to spend, so I can splurge on whatever I want, whenever I want it! My other half is always complaining that I splurge too much and not saving enough for rainy days. But hey, a woman's affair with the shopping complex is neverending, there's always something that we need and we find excuses for them: that particular pair of shoes or bag that we've been eyeing is on sale, or I've run out of perfume and the new Bvulgari is a must have. For me, shopping is therapy, it relaxes the mind and empties the pocket. That's why by middle of the month, we'be turning to our husbands for pocket money :P
Just hope I'll find the perfect getaway or we'll just find something to do:)

Monday, 18 June 2007

cReAtiVE hAnDS

Some people have it, some people don't. Some learn it by attending classes or thru their friends. Some are gifted, they only need to see the end product and they can imitate it so well, you won't know which one was the original creation. I'm actually talking about creative hands, making handicrafts.

Unfortunately, I am one of those who don't have the skill and passion and patience to do handyworks. My mum on the other hand, is very creative and knows how to do beautiful bunga dulang. Apart from becoming our culture during wedding festivals, it has become a work of art, creating beautiful bunga dulang to be adorned on the tray bearing gifts to the groom/bride .

But my mum always strived to be unique and indepent in her creations and I think the end result comes from the sincerity of her heart. She does it for my wedding, my brother's engegament and now, helping friends out...and I think she is actually quite good in this! Her creations have matured with the experience of her hands. I hope my mum continues creating beautiful things.

This blog is specially dedicated to my mum:)

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Beautiful Langkawi

I visited Langkawi on 10 May (which was the last day of school holiday) with my other half, we came on a Sunday and stayed on till Monday and managed to avoid the school holiday crowd:) Regretfully, it was a very short holiday but a most enjoyable one for me. We only spent one night in Langkawi, at Awana Porto Malai. I must say the view from the hotel room was really awesome as it is situated in a cove and the water is so blue with clear skies. It feels so calm to be so close to the sea, like your worries are blown away by the sea breeze....

I've always liked blue seas, I think all seas should be blue instead of brown, muddy colour. However, Emi begs to differ as she is so in LOVE with Frangipani Langkawi as it has one of the best sunset points in Langkawi. Great for sunset viewing, she says. Well, sunsets are not really my thing. I just like the blue, clear water.....its surreal like you're looking at a painting. You can never get the pictures right as the way you view them with your own eyes. That, or my camera sucks heh heh

I found Langkawi really enchanting and breathtaking and now I understand why people say its beautiful. On my previous trips to Langkawi, it was for work and you can never enjoy the place if you have to worry about work and the bossess :p This time around I came as a tourist, and I was on a mission to cover Langkawi as much as possible in 24 hours!

Well, we managed to visit a few touristic places like the Gunung Mat Cincang Cable Car ride (a must for anybody who wants to visit Langkawi, its like going to KL but not visiting the Twin Towers!), Underwater World (I must say bigger than Aquaria KL and more impressive), Pantai Pasir Hitam (or the Black Sand Beach, but a bit disappointing as it was dirty and unkempt), the Pantai Cenang stretch (good food, good shopping). We wanted to visit Beras Terbakar, but it was pasar malam day on Sunday at the entrance so we ditched the idea as it would be a hassle to find a parking space and go thru the pasar malam.

I'm still thinking of the wonderful memories that I had in Langkawi and I feel that I need to return to Langkawi for another holiday :)