Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Of Public Holiday and Public Service

Today is a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur because for ten years Samy Vellu and the Indian community had faught for Thaipusam to be a national holiday. Alas, only KL was announced by Pak Lah to enjoy yet another excuse for not going to work while the Indians celebrate their tradition:p Maybe that was a sort of compensation for the Hindraf demands??!! Maybe that's why they are quiet for now.......there's another public holiday coming up on 1st Feb 2008 for Hari Wilayah KL.
Thank God too, that today's a public holiday. I was getting fed-up commuting via LRT. Being in the rat race, everyone gets to work at the same time by LRT, which results in massive people jam in the train and at the Masjid Jamek station. Especially now that the Masjid Jamek station for the Putra train is being upgraded and promised to be ready on 23 Jan 2008, which I don't think will be ready by then, from the look of it. For the past 3 months, everybody is forced to take the long underground tunnel to the other side. Of course you can image the amount of people walking in the tunnel to/fro Masjid Jamek station, sound of the footseps resounding off the walls like the KLPN cadets doing their morning march with those heavy army boots. Trod, trod, trod.....
Perhaps it's just me, but I find that some people are bloody slow than others, and there are some think that they are fast enough while walking on the fast lane. Of course there's no fast lane per se dedicated to the fast walker (which I think should be measured at 3-steps per second) in order to qualify to walk in that invisible "fast lane". All fast walker knows this and wishes those bloody slow people won't walk on it. These "slow" people seems to drag their foot when walking or when they walk with two people or more, would take up the space for other people to bypass them. It would need tact or faster pace, say, 5-steps per second.
Another thing that really pisses me off at the Masjid Jamek station is the illegal peddlars selling their items every morning and evening, when people are going to/from work and really makes the walking area very congested. And some people, without warning would just stop to look at these peddlars. There are police stationed at Masjid Jamek's Putra & Star LRT, which is a good thing, but they don't do anything about this situation!!! Maybe it's not in their jobscope but can't they relay it to the authorities in charge?!!
I don't know how Malaysia can progress if the publice service situation is not taken seriously by the government and local authorities. Food for thought, maybe we should cut down on our public holiday so that some works are not interrupted by it. For the betterment of mankind, and perhaps for the soundness of mind.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

I'M Dreaming Of My New Home

It's not really that grand, but it's our own! A corner 3-bedroom apartment in a 3-storey apartment building. I'm already dreaming on how to decorate it, buying furnitures, paint, etc. More excited when I visited IKEA, and see their house concept. I guess people liked the IKEA's ideas becoz of its simplicity, cosiness, room & cost effectiveness. Another good guide would be Impiana. Look out for the small living area edition. Really helps to give more ideas on how to utilise your limited space.
A lot of ideas going round in my head right now - I like the minimalist look which save space and have the really uncluttered look. I also like the classy look which gives an air of richness, think Bohemian crystal on the consul table. I'd like to make it cosy where one can just relax in one own's environment. I'd also need more space to put all my stuff in! Guess I'd have to make do with the space. Never ever buy things without moving in first into your house. Always plan what you want to buy based on your need and cost and concept. I'd make the mistake of buying a bedroom set, a sofa and most recently on my trip back to BP, i bought horrendously mismatched day curtains. My other half knows about my impulse buying, but when I buy it from my own money, he can't say much. That means I'll have the liberty in decorating the house in my own way. Yipee! Every girl's dream to make their dream house. I'm gonna love this house so much, that I'll make it cosy for friends, family, and yes, even cats to come visit:) but this won't materialize till March for the moving in.
Maybe during my trip to Bali this mid Jan, I'd be able to find some really interesting stuff to decorate my dream house with:)


I miss my 3 baby kitties - Bebek, Blackie & Baby, which I've sent back to my mum-in-law. But I had to do it coz we were running out of space in my small 2-room apartment. I was with them when they were born last September, fed them, cleaned their cage, poop, even cutting out their hair becoz of infestation. I hope they have a better life and space in kampung:(
Only cat left is their mother, aptly named Mami. She's preggers again after last month's mating season. I'm sure her kittens would turn out cute since she was courted by half-male persian cats.
Mami is a very odd cat. She comes into our house thru the window, which have a steep window ledge. She insists on coming thru the windows, eventhough I have opened the door for her and called her to come in. She understands when I called out her name, but typical of feline behaviour, she'd silently declined the open invitation and opted for the more adventurous entrance. She drinks straight from the water bucket in my bathroom if ever I forget to provide her fresh water after her Whiskas meal. She would always play it cool whenever I laid down her plate of Whiskas and water. But when I turned my back, she would have a go at it. Whenever she wanted something, she would never meowed out loud like her brat kitties. Instead, she would look at me with those huge eyes (and probably telepathy!), and I'd know what she wants.
Even my other half has resorted to calling her Mami and would occasionally give her water or let her out/in. Of course cats like comfort, Mami has taken to sleeping in my spare room. And once, she even slept with us on our bed! But Mami is a good cat as she poops outside and knows how to take care of her kitties. She doesn't demand much except for food, water, the occasional petting, place to sleep.
My dream cat:)