Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Aku paling benci dgn orang yang kemut dgn kerja dia, semua intellectual property. Apa salahnya share information, for the good of the organization. Nothing is intellectual property, everything is recycled – minutes ker, surat ker, even email! so tak payah nak kemut kat ko sorang kalau setakat buat kerja yg rutin. Bukannya dapat naik pangkat cepat pun kalau bagi idea best, ini jabatan kerajaan lah...

My experience with this minah was that I asked her for a power point presentation (recycled again!), and she said, she was too busy to look for it, walhal sebelum jumpa aku dh communicator (mcm YM) sama dia and dia kata ok. Tp bila aku turun jumpa dia, tetiba ckp dia busy walhal tengah berborak dgn org sebelah. Pastu aku ckp sekejap jer nk copy benda alah tu, just 5 mins. Dia kata dia busy sgt and tak tau mana letak folder tuh! What a bunch of bullshit! So aku ckp fine, aku pakai jer presentation yg lama. Sbb presentation tuh pun asalnya aku yg buat masa aku pegang portfolio dia dulu, tp sbb sekarang dh division lain, kena la tanya dia dulu kot ada amendment apa2. Serupa tak payah mintak sama dia....

Bukan nak cakap aku best sangat, tp bila ada organizer email ker, call ker, aku respond lah, takder lah senyap jer. Ini sampai organizer and travel agent yang pernah kerja dgn aku pun complain pasal dia lembab, x jawab email, x pernah ada kat tempat, bila tanya lain jawab lain, pendek kata mmg susah nak dealing dgn dia. Dulu orang cakap pasal dia aku tak percaya sbb aku ingat dia ni pekerja cemerlang. Rupa-rupanya pandai cakap jer...

Tetiba hr ni nak mintak bantuan aku, soalan senang yg tak payah tanya aku pun boleh pikir sendiri. So aku dgn snappish nya jawab (dlm comm) “haiya, itu pun mau tanya ka? Just follow the criteria lah, nak justify apa lagi” and she made a remark “ heheh manjer, manjer sgt” – what the hell does that mean??? Maybe dia nk cover line ker apa, lagi aku menyampah, she likes to end her sentence with “yar”. GELI OK! Was that supposed to be manja or sthg?? Sebenarnya, aku dh byk kali tolong dia especially bila aku dah handover portfolio lama, byk bagi advise sbb tak nak kerja yg aku dh buat dulu jadi slack. Tourism industry ni kecik jer, balik-balik orang yg sama gak bawak group insentif atau buat conference. Lama-lama diaorang ni akan bercerita gak...malu ker tak malu??

Tolonglah jangan buat macam ni kat tempat kerja, apa salahnya bekerja sama. Lagipun, sharing is caring!

Monday, 20 July 2009

The Merchants of Bollywood

Ms Fantaghiro, me and my sis were at Istana Budaya last Thursday to watch "The Merchants of Bollywood". Aku mati-mati ingat this is another hindustani concert like the ones that Shah Rukh Khan lip sync to but this is actually a musical theatre.

It is taken from the true life story of Ayesha Merchant (yes, its a family name), who is the granddaughter of Shantilal Merchant from Rajasthan. Shantilal was one of the great choreographers during the great film industry - those days of Bobby and Chalte Chalte. But he had retired and was preserving the Kathak, dance for the God. The family were to uphold the tradition. But Ayesha had other ideas, she also wanted to be a great choreographer in Bollywood. So against her grandfather's wishes, she left the temple for Bollywood. She became a great choreograhper, and decided to make amends with her grandfather. She goes back to Rajasthan, found her childhood sweetheart Uday, marries him and met her dying grandfather and finally decided to stay in Rajasthan.

That's as far as the storyline goes. Well it's not much of a storyline, I must say. This play is purely for entertainment, and boy, the dance moves are superb! It is Bollywood and much more. The dances are refined, and Uday, the lead male dancer, is excellent. When he did his backflip from the tempel stairs, that was hot! Very extravagant show, more than 30 dancers on the stage for one song and the costumes are glittery, sexy, flesh baring and all that. Aiya, susah lah mau explain thru writing. Best viewed to get accurate experience.

Anyway, it was cute when emcee of the night, Dato' Mahathir Lokman said at the beginning of the show "sit back and enjoy the show. Clapping and dancing are most welcomed". Some girls in the front seat were enjoying themselves so much that they were standing up and dancing to the songs. Very enjoyable, but for those with limited knowledge of Bollywood songs, might be disappointed that familiar mainstream Hindi songs from Kuch2 Hota Hai/Mohabbatein/Kabhi Kushie Kabhie Gham/etc were not in the play. But you will enjoy it nonetheless.
This I guarantee you.

*Strictly for those who loves hindi songs and dance moves.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

H1N1 Lowdown

I was on duty as a rapporteur on Monday for the annual Overseas Directors Meeting and so just to share some info on H1N1 as supplied by Dato' Dr. Hassan bin Abdul Rahman, Director of Communicable Disease Control Division from Public Health Department who gave updates on the H1N1 influenza pandemic,

H1N1 is a new influenza which causes a contagious respiratory illness that is communicable from human to human. The first case was reported on 16 April 2009, where it continued to spread around the world and by 16 May 2009, Malaysia had reported its first case of the influenza H1N1. Within 2 months, almost all parts in the world have such reported cases, of which 90% of the cases reported originated from the USA, Canada and South America. As of 12 July 2009, 143 countries have reported 106,565 confirmed cases and 470 deaths with 0.44% mortality rate.

A total of 42 countries have reported local transmission of the disease and 10 countries had sustained the virus via human to human transmission. Earlier cases reported of the H1N1 were those who had traveled to the USA, including Mexico and Canada. Now, the virus is spreading via local transmission in Asia and Europe where it was declared by WHO at pandemic level.

For Malaysia, the first confirmed case was reported on 16 May 2009. As to date, there are 710 confirmed cases of which 71% were imported cases from countries where local transmission has occurred and 29% were local transmission. Currently, only 83 victims are still recuperating in the hospital. There were no deaths reported.

It was informed that H1N1 cases with complications such as pneumonia or diabetes will be hospitalized and those with mild symptoms was advised to be quarantined at home. Government hospitals will give free treatment to those who contracted the H1N1 influenza, be it Malaysians or foreigners.

The Public Health Department (PHD) aims to:

  • reduce transmission and illness severity;
  • provide information to help health care providers, public health officials, and the public to address the challenges posed by this emergency.

PHD has recommended that precautions be taken from all level of society, be it individual or household to take safety measures by adhering to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. It is advisable that everyone maintains personal hygiene, practice social distancing, reduce travel, avoid crowded areas and restrict mass gathering to ensure that the H1N1 pandemic will be contained. PHD will conduct disease surveillance by continuing screening at airports. The public is advised to get updates on current situation from credible sources such as Ministry of Health and World Health Organization. With regards to the tourism industry, Ministry of Health has not issued any restrictions for foreign tourists to travel to Malaysia.

Y.B. Minister of Tourism had reiterated that Malaysia is a safe country to visit from the H1N1 virus as we had taken precautionary measures to delay the widespread of this pandemic in this country. Travellers to Malaysia would not be subjected to quarantine if the traveler only showed mild symptoms of the H1N1 influenza.

*text taken from my rapporteur of the session, with info supplied by PHD.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Our Photoshoot

Nice eh?Compliments to Geoffrey, our photographer of the day. We wanted to have a special memory before Ms Jam left for Brunei, so we had our pics taken at Carcosa Seri Negara after work.
Take it from the top: Nuwal, Noriah, Emi, Kamilia & Jamilah.
This shot was inspired by Che Yah. Best of all I looked kurus heh heh

I'd always wondered how this kind of photo was shot. Maybe the model was jumping on trampoline or that they were supper skinny or very good athletes that they could jump very high. The trick is simple, which the photographer have to shoot this crouching down or from a low angle, and the model, which in this pic ces't moi, was jumping as high as she could. And the result, Voila! Me jumping ridiculously high almost reaching the rooftop. It's a wonder that I hadn't actually broke the heel of my sandals as they were very thin and had to support my considerable body weight after each jump!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Trip to Kijal and KT

It was my third wedding anniversary last Thursday, and I'd planned for a mid-week getaway with hubby to Terengganu. Why Terengganu? Maybe because I'd always felt a sense of calm and familiarity with Terengganu's idyllic lifestyle and blue coastline...I'd also promised myself that we'd take a journey somewhere for our anniversary. None of that candle light, romantic dinner nonsense for me. I'd be happier travelling to a favourite destination or discover new places.

So, at high noon on Thursday, 9th July 2009, we started the journey to Kijal using the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur. It is a boring stretch of road, and for 3 hours I drove while hubby nursed an aching back. I cranked up the volume on The Essential MJ. Off Jabor exit, we turned into Cherating. Beautiful stretch of beaches where you get loads of resorts like Impiana and Legend Resorts, and once Club Med (not sure if it still exist). Further down the road was Kemaman town, which I might say is quite big and developed, not the small quaint town I'd imagined. Awana Kijal was another 51 km from here, and less than one hour we'd reached the resort.

Since I'd a good friend working there, she put us up in a complimentary room. Yes, the perks of working in the industry and knowing people. But I was booked under PIBG SMK Rantau Petronas. What the...? Because my friend was working the school accounts, she managed to squeeze me in...but that is a trade if you have friends working in hotel line, I bet he/she can squeeze you in for one night comp!

This is actually my second visit there, I love the hotel despite the rooms having an 80s feel to it. It's got the largest pool in the east coast, they got a wicked spa called Taman Sari, a giant chess set where you'd have to move the pieces as big as those cones you see at construction sites, lovely breakfast spread serving nasi dagang every morning, huge American Breakfast, mee curry(in the morning??), omelet station, congee.....there's something for everybody. Plus, the club sandwich is to die for!!! Hubby was starting to warm up to the idea of travelling, so it was my mission to bring him to new, exciting destinations.

Next day, we continued on our journey to KT, which was only 126km from Kijal. En route we passed by Kertih, Paka, Dungun, etc, and stopped for air kelapa and jagung rebus, which was our main diet traveling that route. This stretch of road between Rantau Abang and Pantai Kelulut was laden with roadside stalls selling kacang rebus, and jagung bakar & jagung rebus, which you couldn't find anywhere else on the stretch.

Upon reaching Pantai Kelulut, the best keropok lekor I'd ever tasted called "Keropok Lekor 008 Kelulut". The shop is a green double-storey house with open front facing a very purple resort, which its name escapes me now. But if you were looking for it, on your way to KT, the shop will be on your left facing the purple resort after the Pantai Kelulut signboard. I swear its the best keropok, because the fish contents was pure and the keropok itself was soft compared to those meaty, commercial type ones which were laden with flour. Cost cutting measures.

I'd compared it to a few keropoks maker in Losong like Adik Beradik and Adnan. Hands down, its Keropok Lekor 008 Kelulut. But being attached to my kampung in Rompin, I was used to keropok with banyak ikan. Surprisingly, my hubby which hails from Johor and some of my colleagues in the office, do not like the fishy keropok lekor. They'd rather like the pasty keropok lekor which puff up when fried because its full of flour, where the fish taste is only for flavour. Then keropok losong is perfect for them such as Adik Beradik or Adnan keropok. But if you like more fish, then keropok lekor 008 Kelulut is definitely for you...

In KT, we stayed in Primula resort which was RM208nett. The room was recently refurbished, and you get the standard features - white sheets & comforter which is identical to most luxury brand hotels nowadays, none of the fancy & heavy comforter, some new carpeting, new walls and touch screen features remote by your bedside for lamps and tv remote. But the breakfast spread here was not as luxurious compared to Awana Kijal's excellent spread. The food was so-so and might I say, a bit bland.

We then went to the compulsory Pasar Payang for some cuci mata. Didn't bought much cause I'd already bought a few batik sutera when I was in Terengganu back in March for my survey. So had that out of my system. We went to Seberang Takir for some dinner and jus gelas besar, but I was bummed because I didn't find the exact same gerai that I went last March, which had some strange combination of fruit juices, like strawberry + plum. Didn't have much time to bring hubby to the seaside where they served fresh ikan celup visit maybe. Hubby's now fired up to go to Terengganu again....can't wait for my next adventure on the road!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

R.I.P, M.J?

Still caught up on MJ's reruns on documentary and hit videos on MTV, I'd surfed a few websites for more news and came across this website:

I must say that I don't really agree to Sharon's posting because clearly she isn't a fan of MJ thus her post maybe biased to MJ's fans. But please read the posting and all 88 comments, and in it you will find MJ's hater and MJ's supporters, but most improtantly it helped me to see the bigger picture. MJ is human after all, and to err is human, even if he was accused and acquited for child molesting cases. But some of what was said was true, I do think that his memorial was an extravagant affair and those artist who performed or gave eulogoy are either those who barely knew him (i.e. Usher, Jennifer Hudson) or those who hadn't seen him in years (Brooke Shields). Why haven't these people step up and gave him open support when he was dealing with the child molest cases? Only when he's dead that they scramble to offer their grief and support..anyway, I realized that we must now move on because whatever it is he is still dead, and nothing can change it, except that we pray for his soul....

All those stories about his cosmetic surgery or skin bleaching or his claims on vitiligo, that's all is insubstantial to warrant him a freak. Maybe his actions (or alleged actions) do, but he was also an advocator of many charities for Africa, Aids, Heal the Kids foundation. So, it is a war between the good, the bad and the ugly. May God bless his soul.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

R.I.P, M.J

Finally, almost two weeks since his death, MJ was finally brought to rest at the Lawn Forest cemetery...

When I heard about his death, it was 26th June in the morning when Shasha smsed me and told the news, and I'd thought it was a hoax. I logged on to MSN and sure enough there was the news. At that time, I was attending the PTK course and was preparing for final presentation later on that naturally, I didn't dwell much on it as I had other things on my mind.

Much much later on, with the media frenzy and CNN and MTV paying tribute, some people said that he wasn't dead, like Elvis when he left the building. There'd be MJ sightings in the future. It was surreal, I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe he was dead. And seeing how everyone was saddened by his death, but me numbed couldn't feel it. I claimed myself as a MJ fan, but I was ashamed to admit to myself that I'd stopped listening to his records long time ago...yeah, I knew his songs but I haven't listened to his albums in a long time, like I did when I was younger.

I remembered that it was my parents who'd bought his records, what I remembered most was his album Bad as I was introduced to Michael Jackson, or rather I became conscious of him as an artist. I was in primary school. Later on, his movie Moonwalker was my favourite that I'd repeatedly watched, with that magnificent claymation and his stories and video clips - Smooth Criminal, Bad, Liberian Girl. I remembered Dangerous, HIStory but I did not remember Invincible. But there was only one song from Invincible that I kept playing on my pc over my working years - Butterflies....that was the last song that I ever heard and played from him...

So, yes, as any other people wanted to be reacquainted with him, I went out and bought The Essential Michael Jackson. Maybe it was guilt trip but I am a fan of Micheal Jackson and he will be missed...R.I.P, M.J.