Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dawn of a New Era......?

I had mixed feelings about the newly completed PRU 12....the results were shocking but somewhat expected in certain parts, made stronger by the influence of the "resurrected leader". Somehow I was quite open to the idea that the underdogs can make a difference in Malaysia. Maybe we are too complacent and too comfortable in our life not to want changes but I think it's high time that some of us get used to it.
This is my second time voting, and I must say that I was a bit wiser in chosing the better candidate. Notice that I didn't say the "right" candidate, as I don't have much faith in political parties. I don't think it's wrong not to vote for the current ruling party, I think the trend now is that people vote for the leaders that they think have integrity, passion and can address the people's issues. I think the new leaders have a great burden and expectations of the people to carry on, so everyone's eyes are on them to perform the best to fullfill their manifesto. The same goes to the current rulling party, they have to work double or even triple harder in order to gain the peoples' confidence in them again. The theme "Berkhidmat Untuk Negara" should be their motto and not just something that people mock. The government really do have to work for the people and not just reap the benefits for themselves.
Only time will tell, or in another 4 years time, we can tell the difference!


fantaghiro said...

give them a chance..just wait and see..

this is indeed a dawn of a new era for malaysia!! no more ass-kissing idiots swindling the rakyat's money and monkeys pretending to be civil servants!!



CT->yeah, and replaced that ape at the high commission of Malaysia in Canberra.She's pissing me off.

Mdm.Beautiful->I was sad that I couldn't vote ( for the rules of voting from abroad) yet excited at the results.It's almost like having sex th...I mean, watching a newborn calf.(cough).

Beautiful Life said...

Hear ye, hear ye for both of you!
Mrs Curmudgeon, next time you need to vote! But jadi nya undi pos lah......huahuahua

fantaghiro said...

mrs curmudgeon--- ala, mmg ramai civil servants yg mcm tu, God knows how the HELL they even manage to sniff at the position let alone BE appointed as one!!
ala, i'm sure this is not your first time jumpa civil servant yg tersangattttttlah doubtful mcm mana diorang dpt keje ni..ass kissing perhaps?? HAHAHHAHAH (evil laugh)
well, since now we have NEW ministers, we shall see how far this "kiss ASS" will survive huh???
(wink wink)

beautiful life, rest assured that this comment is in no way whatsoever referring to you!!

Beautiful Life said...

Much appreciated my dear.....
I want to be potrayed as an efficient and helpful civil servant. We want to be more professional in our job. Tourism couldn't be the second highest income for the country for nothing!