Monday, 25 August 2008

Weekend happenings

Didn't have time to catch up on my DVD collection this week. Over the weekday had my aunty and little cousin at my mum's house, so I pop in for a quick visit on Wednesday and late Friday afternoon. Had Potluck on Thursday to bid farewell to yours truly as I was going to be transferred to Research Division effective September. Sad to go but looking forward for a new challenge.

My sis-in-law came over during the weekend, so I spent all day Friday cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, cleaning out my house especially the spare room into livable condition. She was suppose to receive her scroll in Bachelor of Management from Open University Malaysia. My hat goes off for her as she managed her career, family and study for four years to complete this particular degree. Seeing her and all the other graduates in the Merdeka Hall, PWTC almost make wanna go back to school.

After her convo, we went to Petaling street (to celebrate?!). Same old same old Petaling street only a little bit of improvement with the covered walkway but more Bangladesh/Indonesian/ Thais are peddling their fares. Bought a RM50 Gucci watch from original price of RM120. Tip to buy in Petaling street:
1. Never ask for the price of the item unless you want to buy the item;
2. Always bargain at least 50% of the price;
3. If you have bargained for the item, you must be prepared to buy it or feel the wrath
of the owners - heard horror stories about this like there were snipers on top of the
Petaling street buildings to take out annoying customers. May be true, may be an urban
legend, who knows.
4. Best time to shop in Petaling street is when they have just started to open up, slightly
around 7pm. Best time to bargain ridiculously low as the Chinese believed that the first
customer will bring luck and more business, so they are more willing to part with their
goods at lesser price.


mrs.c said...

that's where i'm bringing the hubby when we touch down in KL for our annual vacation next him places of my youth...chewah.gawd, i miss PS.I miss the roasted nuts....the pervy banglas that stares at your tits, moody peddlers who frowns at you when you decided NOT to buy (yes, daring, I know).and of course, the ORIGINAL place to get pirated VCDs and computer software (ages ago).

hnyhar said...

teringat masa belajar dulu..suke gak gi sana. heheh..