Thursday, 8 October 2009

Poetry in Motion

Warning! A very indelicate entry about constipation, hemorrhoids and such.

A few days ago, I'd come across a colleague who looked sickly.I asked her if she was okay. And she said she's had hemorrhoid, that's why she's not feeling so well and was on mc for two days. This condition was something that I have close connection.

Since I was small, I've had severe case of constipation. I'd go for days without passing motion. I'd tried to force it out by staying in the loo for hours. This continued on till my school years whereby I'd experienced blood dripping when I was "processing" in the loo. I had a scare. I thought I had hemorrhoid or buasir. In my uni days, I'd to take teh orang kampung to ease my troubles. It worked for a while, then my tummy got immune to it, and it didn't work anymore. I went back to the days without passing motion, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 5, I think maybe one time I'd gone 1 week without doing my business. It was discomforting. I'd felt toxic. Back then I was quite active in sports, drank loads of water, ate less.

Alhamdullilah, things improved when I started work. Kerabu Jantung said I need to force myself to do my business early in the morning. I didn't believe her at first. Then I tried it. Over a period of a few months, while diligently sitting at my throne for hours, I'd discovered that I began to pass motion regularly. Then my hours in the loo decreased to half an hour of waiting, then some more. It came to a point where I'd get the morning call. You know, like when you are still asleep but suddenly u had to get up and run to the loo because feel something about to come out! Now, I'm happy to say that I don't have that problem anymore. In my case, it wasn't my diet, but it was something to do with disciplining my body to function properly.

But not everyone is lucky as I am. My colleague still have hemorrhoid, and so many other people out there. Kak Safinah, the owner of Malay Tea House had actually recommended my colleague to use virgin coconut oil. It is reported to have healing properties, and she said you can see immediate result within one week. Maybe you can also try to eat more veggies and fruits that are high in fibre, like bananas, prunes, etc. I would advise to use two prong approach, visit the doctor to get proper medication and then try some traditional cure. Whatever works for you since everyone is different.


la Signora said...

That's true.Oh you poor thing.Bonda said it is good to practice drinking at least 1litre of water early morning, before solat subuh /gosok gigi.But then, I am a person who cannot stomach plain water when my eyes are half-shut and my brains only function 2% in the wee hours of the day.What I do now is that every 15 mins I'd drink at least 250ml of water (one small glass me thinks) and that would keep me hydrated PLUS me poopoo on a woohoo note.And of course, ye olde prunes, but so far alhamdulillah sikda lah problem sik pat tonkle (as opposed to 'tinkle') ha ha.

But like you said, get a proper medical checkup, ikhtiar and insyaAllah the rest Allah knows best, kan.

I'm so takde mood nak blog.Tak abis-abis blogku jahanam kene hack benda² porno.Malu tau T_T

Beautiful Life said...

Ya lah...dolok bingung juak aku dgn masalah constipation. Kinek tok, happy to say I'm free from it. Cuma kenak consisten every morning sit at the throne, barulah nya akan terbiasa.

Kesian na blog kau kenak hack. I guess its the price of fame, ada jak lah org dengki. Sabar ajak lah...or pindah blog lagik.

indecisiveness said...

tolat..aku juak..masih gik susah berak.i took fibre pill,then sik period,when i stopped baruk period datang.n the fibre thingy doesnt really worked for me..mybe i shud follow as per kerabu jantung pn advice

Beautiful Life said...

Discipline, my dear, discipline. Take you time in the can, never force it out.