Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pardon my French

I was tied up with work. Work has drained all the creative energy in me. After the long hours at work, I don't have any more energy and ideas to write about things.

Work, work, work...hubby's been nagging me for going back from work so late every night for the past few weeks. Its funny, both me and Ms Shazsha has observed that our real work began when its time for everybody else to go home. That's when we have our peace and quite from the outside world, that we are able to sit tight and do paperwork or research. Things that needed our concentration and thinking.

During the day, we'd be busy entertaining calls, attending meetings, clients, emails or running around to get things done. Some people think that we only service their ONE event, therefore they demand our undivided attention and expect us to answer to their beck and call, even to the silliest of enquiries like " what is the size of the poster that you are giving us". We service hundreds of events, please don't bog us down with time wasting enquiries. We have given you the items, its up to your intelligence how to utilize it the best way you can. Resources are limited, please don't expect us to baby you.

Tips in dealing with us:
1. It would help if you are nice to us, maybe we won't mind the silly questions so much. We are here to serve you the best way we can;
2. Please be patient with our service time. We also need to get permission/approval from various other parties before we can actually deliver the service;
3. Do not expect that we can provide everything for you. With the economic downturn, nobody can afford to be Santa Claus, not even the F1 teams;
4. Do some homework before you start thrashing us down. If not it will make you look stupid, and we will despise working with you.

One client came in demanding us to give her a Meeting Planner. When I said we don't produce it anymore, she asked what is the government doing to support the industry and started blaming all sorts of things. Wake up, lady! Don't expect us to feed you with a silver spoon. Other countries' private sectors are proactive in pooling their resources to compete with the rest of the world, and here you are still bitching about why the government doesn't help you? This type of attitude is a testament why Malaysia can't move forward. Always expecting to be spoon fed, and when they don't get enough, blame the government.

We need a change of mentality, to move forward. Till then, I'll work as much as I can take it.

Elvis has left the building.


fantaghiro said...

i love this..
some clients think that we are sitting around twiddling our thumbs when the reality is that, the system sucks..
Just when you are about to think that you can cross one item off your list, think don't even get the support needed to do your work and you are expected to be efficient?? uh huh..yeah..(rolls eyes)

ku2 said...

nice piece of writing, albeit a few grammar errors here n there.
want me to be your proof reader?

Beautiful Life said...

ku2: Sure, as long as your service is free. I don't mind:)