Saturday, 8 May 2010

Nasi Kerabu - Resipi Kerabu Jantung

Nasi kerabu - Kerabu Jantung
(Ingredients in pic is incomplete coz I forgot to put the fish & kelapa)

One of the weekends, I tried my hand on making nasi kerabu. Not really difficult but need some prep work. Recipe courtesy of Kerabu Jantung.

You may ask what's the difference between the nasi kerabu that you always bought in pasar malam with this nasi kerabu recipe. And, no, its not because of the bluish color of the rice. That effect can be made by adding pucuk mengkudu to the rice that you are cooking. The anwser lies in the yellowish kuah lemak. This kuah lemak is something as it adds flavour to the nasi kerabu. Possibly because of the budu in the kuah lemak :p

Again, it is easy enough to make but a lot of prep work. Here's the recipe:

Kuah Lemak:
250 gms santan
1 btg serai
2 asam keping
dash of cuka/squeeze of lemon/limau
1 tbsp budu or as u like it
(boil everything together)

Daging Salai
Marinade beef with onion, garlic, ginger & bit of soy sauce
(Grill till well done and slice thinly for serving)

Chili sauce:
5 chilies
(blend chillies than add vinegar and water to taste)

4 ikan kembung
3 asam keping
(boil the fish till its cooked, then deboned and fry without oil till it becomes very dry like fish floss)

Young coconut flesh - grated
(fry without oil till it becomes brown and crispy)

Long beans
Bean sprouts
Daun selom*
White Cabbage*
Kacang botol*
(whatever ulam or veggie you fancy - in my case the ones *)

* In a plate combine all the ingredients plus keropok keping, and enjoy!

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