Friday, 30 July 2010

We have Moved!

Almost two months have lapsed since I update this blog.

Been busy with the office move and recruitment. Things had been so hectic - with movers, new things to order, new network, new telephone, new PCs, new staff, new work.......eveything is new We moved office on 30 June, and new staff came in 1st July, and throughout July. First day of move, and our PCs are not in yet, telephone lines are not connected, network not installed - the most fundamental elements in any office. Starting from scratch contacting all suppliers can be a daunting task, especially when you think the suppliers are out to get you.

Who knew admin work is so gruelling, especially starting a new office. Good learning experience for me and its quite a challenge as I have to literally manage the office set up from A-Z with minimum guidance but with a good team, managed to complete the tasks. All fast decisions in short lead time - must know what you want or at least decide what you want. No time to be fickle minded and changing decisions every so often. On top of that, have to consider the boss's opinion and take on things, besides the other staff's inputs. The fine art of managing and balancing all at the same time, which I find can be very challenging, and somehow quite enjoyable at times.

Maybe after this I can start my own office with my own business. Heh.


kerabu jantung said...

You should think about it seriously.
Don't wait until you're 40, you'll be complacent and scared to venture out by then!

Beautiful Life said...

Yeah...thinking, thinking, but no decisions yet. wait and see!