Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wonders of the World: Niagara Falls

Overview of Niagara Falls from the USA side
Left: The American falls overlooking Toronto
Middle at the back: Horseshow Falls
Double rainbow effect caused by the waterfalls 

Backdated entry for me on Niagara Falls. We were there end of August. Weather was nice since it was still summer season. I took us 10 hours drive from New York City all the way to Buffalo, New York, which is up North near to Canada.

We arrived late evening, so there was nothing much to do around the city. They had a casino and shopping mall but other than that the city wasn't really much. We wondered around and found the International Food Court & Shopping. So had a vegetarian pizza for dinner and found some interesting souvenir items:)

Veggie pizza was ok

In middle of Niagara city at night

There was also the one and only halal cart in the city. Food was good and price was reasonable. There were also some other Indian restaurants that had halal on their menu but we didn't manage to check that out.

The next morning, we took a guided tour by Gray Line which include the Niagara Falls tour on the USA side (since we don't have visa to go over the Canada side).

First stop was Cave of the Winds Boardwalk, which the Bridal Veils Falls is situated. We had to take an elevator down to reach the Boardwalk.

Suiting up before we hit the Cave of the Winds Boardwalk and Hurricane Deck
Behind me is the Bridal Veils Falls

Hurricane Deck - where we go to take a shower:)

Drenched under the falls

 Next, we went to the Prospect Point Park Observation Tower where we took elevator ride down to board the Maid of the Mist Boat to go thru all the waterfalls.

While waiting to take the elevator down, we were looking at this view of the bridge to crossover to Canada side. Malaysians need visa to go to Canada and from what I heard, the process is quite a hassle. But the view of the falls is more beautiful on the Canada side. Down below, people lining up to get on the boat.
Prospect Tower Observation Deck - view from below

Maid of the Mist Boat ride departs from both the USA and Canada side. Across the water, boat departs from the Canada side

The American Falls - view from the observation deck

All suited up on the deck of Maid of the Mist boat. We are about to take the ride near the falls

The first fall we encountered is the Americas Falls. None of the daredevil dared to go over this falls because of the huge rocks below ensuring nobody will survive

The Horshoe falls, in the shape of horshoe. Shown here beginning of the curved falls. We had mists of water all over. Luckily we were suited up if not we'd be drenched. A lot of daredevils went over this fall since it doesn't have any rocks below, but there is a whirlpool below. Some survived, some don't.


Looking at Niagara Falls, one just have to wonder at the power of God in creating such a beautiful, natural phenomenon. Although not the tallest waterfall, Niagara Falls is still amazing nonetheless. A must see if ever you are in New York state.

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