Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Statue of Liberty

Last fall, Oct 2014 my parents & bestie came to visit NYC. We had loads of things planned and one was it was the visiting the Statue of Liberty, because come on, that is like the the icon of NY.
So we bought tickets online from because this is the only website sanctioned by the US Department of Parks to actually stop on the Liberty Island and Ellis Island. If you buy it online (and it is preferable to buy the tickets weeks in advance online because during peak season you will not be able to get tickets). Once we arrived at the check point near Bowling Green, we had to go through screening much like airport security - where bags are scanned and belts and coats need to be taken off. Then we proceeded to board the ferry.

Upper deck of the ferry facing downtown Manhattan. Freedom Tower on the left side
The journey from pier to island is only about 10-15 minutes and it is such a pleasant journey with nice photo opp of downtown Manhattan and the looming Statue of Liberty. The day we traveled was late fall and it was such a windy day, everybody was shivering from the cold wind and once we reached the island we had to stop at the café on the island for a nice cup of coffee with some French fries to keep our bodies warm.
We were given a handheld device to listen to facts about the statue which was FOC. W then went around the statue to have a good look and the best angle to take some photos.

Lady Liberty. Once you are here, you would be surprised to find that the statue is not that big. It is tall because of the pedestal that was built to house it. This was originally a lighthouse. The natural green colour of the statue is from oxidation of the copper layer which is called patina.

Me and bestie

With parents

Viewing scope pay a quarter to see view of Manhattan from the island

Bestie horsing around with some random statue

After that all of us decided to go up to the base because our tickets were basically allows us to go up the pedestal. To go up we had to go thru another round of security, complete with scanners and all. This time they are more strict as they do not allow backpacks and food or water to be brought up inside the pedestal. Once we past security, we wen into the lobby area were the original torch was kept. there is also an in house museum which has more information on  the history of the statue.

I think this was the original torch for Lady Liberty and they had to replace it due to corrosion

We took the elevator up to the base of the statue and some stairs up and this is the view
The view from the base. On the left is New Jersey and on the right is downtown Manhattan

Under Lady Liberty's skirt. Fun fact: do you know that the thickness of the statue is only the width of a penny pressed together?? It's not that thick!

If anyone have the stamina, they can climb up the 192 steps up this spiral staircase to access Lady Liberty's crown

The very nice ranger who manned the elevator going up and down the base
Rear View of Lady Liberty

After Liberty Island we departed back to Manhattan. We didn't stop by Ellis Island because it was cold and everyone was tired and hungry (again!) after the excursion to the Statue of Liberty. But all in all, it was an enjoyable trip and a must do for anyone visiting NYC.

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