Friday, 6 February 2015

Snow Day: Winter Snow Juno

Delayed posting. But this was during Winter Storm Juno last week on Jan 26. We were bracing for very bad weather and thick snow storm about 18inches high (almost 2 feet!). Juno was said to be the worst winter storm since 3 years ago. We were released early around 3pm on the day before the storm as it will start that night itself on Jan 26 and to continue till Jan 26, 2015. People needed to buy food supplies such as bread, eggs, milk to prepare to be holed up at home, kids would be out of school, we need to prep the house before the storm comes - just shoveling snow and putting salt on the sidewalk so it won't be icy underneath all that snow.

So this is me on Jan 26 and I just reached home. Had to stop buy the store to buy some eggs because we were out! My face was burning from the cold and my cheeks were hurting because the snow was coarse and felt like little stones hitting me. My coat was all covered in snow. But still had to pose before I go into the house

Winter wonderland. Snow covered trees

Which was actually in my backyard
the aftermath in the morning

Front of the house. The Hubs shoveled snow for the pathway

again my backyard and the garage was covered with a white blanket

Snow wasn't that thick after all, less than 10 inches definitely

Perspective from below. when snow piled up it looked like a mountain of snow
We had a nice snow day on Jan 27. Weather wasn't that cold when snow was falling but it got colder the next day. So it was nice to be at home with a hot drink or soup