Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Of being me

I was feeling pissed this morning. I received emails from people who just don't know how to do their job and in turn made my life hell. I called and yelled at them. Those who know me might think that it is out of character for me to act this way. Unless, of course, it's THAT time of the month again.

I guess PMS have to do a lot with me being so bold and having the hell-I-care-if-I-hurt-your- feelings atttitude. I was a bad ass today, I yelled and said what comes in my mind and I knew that this is just temporary. PMS gave me the extra boost to be the person that I think I can become - controversial, daring, independant.

In reality, I would avoid any controversy or any kind of confrontation. I would always be nice to my workmates, and there's no animosity and tension, which makes my working environment more peaceful . Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a hypocrite, but I decide that I don't like to quarrel with people or create a negative working environment, which in turn would make my life miserable.

But for once, I would also like to be the person who speaks out for herself, not afraid to be looked at if I made any mistakes, be more independant and more self assured. I guess that's something that I have to learn along the way and not just bank on my hormones during PMS :P


Mrs Curmudgeon said...

And when you start doing that,people call you 'bitter' and a 'bitch' because they CANNOT handle the truth.I'm glad I'm a meanie in the office.It gives me the chance to let people not to step all over me just because I'm so damn baik hati at times (I know I cannot help it :P ).Industrial harmony sucks, but if it gets the work done then why not...

...but by the end of the day you're just not being honest to yourself.Dilemma kan, Wal.Sigh.Welcome to my world.

How are you?Everything dandy in the Big Durian?Take care, will call you later aight...from office *evil laughter*

fantaghiro said...

no new updates ka for your blog?
rindu aa..