Monday, 5 November 2007

Malaysia, and all that jazz

I've worked in the tourism industry for 5 years, and that by the industry's standard is still a baby. Because tourism is a life-long industry, its based on relationship, networking, trust and marketing. Well, you got to know how to market your country, u got to believe that your country have something special that others don't. That will be the edge that put you above or at par with the rest. Not just doing some event like the open house celebration just for the sake of doing it, but truly doing it from the heart. Malaysia is still lacking in terms of hospitality and attitude in the service industry. The degree of our professionalism is still questionable.
I've travelled to some parts of the world, and sometimes you are humbled by the fact that other countries have history older and richer and more enrooted than Malaysia like the Vikings. What are the Malays, but having orginated from Indonesia, the Chinese from China and the Indians from India? Aren't we all immigrants initially, and that's why people wants to ensalve us!
Western countries are more modern and developed, sending people into space can be part of tourism now. We have just sent an astronaut to space, and that by the western definition is not an astronaut but a spacetourist eventhough he had gone through NASA training....and we spent billions for that...not an easy feat.
Malaysia is growing on its own pace...we have natural beauty and history and the fact that we are truly multiracial, makes us truly Asia...other Asian countries may beg to differ, but can they argue that they have three major races that still practice their language, culture and religion freely? That is Malaysia, my friend, a true melting pot of culture.
Am proud to be Malaysian, but the government really need to buckle up with the development of the country whilst at the same time maintaining our unique culture. Too much politicking and cronyism could ruin a country.
I rest my case.


fantaghiro said...

wow woman!!

you can really write!!
keep it up lah..boleh baca masa tgh boring.heheh

The Wagon-Man said...

its funny when someone coincidently having the same thought of me.

but if i may add, the kind of hospitality that have been practised by our local industry (tourism)is bias. i agree that we can be among top in providing good service in this industry but does it apply to all? People in Malaysia especially in the front line tend to be judgemental and they display this almost all the time.

If you rich, foreign and maybe celeb, you would be definitely be well treated from top to toe. I guess you would understand what i'm implying.

I'm not sure about the enslaving thangy. Does we really been enslaved because we immigrants? i believe that we have been enslaved because of the class system and the segregation is widely spread and its hitting us hard. Nevermind whether we are Malays, Chinese nor Indians because it hits us right in the nose and sadly to say that we barely do nothing about it.

I believe (and among my poetic-theotherically-friends) that Malaysia is pushing to hard. 50 years is not enough to learn nor to achieve everything. Why must become proud when the truth is actually blatan. We eagerly and stupidly announce that we have ourselves an astronaut in the outerspace when he was exactly not more than a tourist (paid by the gov)specially design to promote hipocracy and false model for our imbalance youth.

Does we really equal in the pot? I say we already melting good in the cultural view but did we really do the same emotionally?

let be peace in our thought.