Thursday, 17 January 2008


I miss my 3 baby kitties - Bebek, Blackie & Baby, which I've sent back to my mum-in-law. But I had to do it coz we were running out of space in my small 2-room apartment. I was with them when they were born last September, fed them, cleaned their cage, poop, even cutting out their hair becoz of infestation. I hope they have a better life and space in kampung:(
Only cat left is their mother, aptly named Mami. She's preggers again after last month's mating season. I'm sure her kittens would turn out cute since she was courted by half-male persian cats.
Mami is a very odd cat. She comes into our house thru the window, which have a steep window ledge. She insists on coming thru the windows, eventhough I have opened the door for her and called her to come in. She understands when I called out her name, but typical of feline behaviour, she'd silently declined the open invitation and opted for the more adventurous entrance. She drinks straight from the water bucket in my bathroom if ever I forget to provide her fresh water after her Whiskas meal. She would always play it cool whenever I laid down her plate of Whiskas and water. But when I turned my back, she would have a go at it. Whenever she wanted something, she would never meowed out loud like her brat kitties. Instead, she would look at me with those huge eyes (and probably telepathy!), and I'd know what she wants.
Even my other half has resorted to calling her Mami and would occasionally give her water or let her out/in. Of course cats like comfort, Mami has taken to sleeping in my spare room. And once, she even slept with us on our bed! But Mami is a good cat as she poops outside and knows how to take care of her kitties. She doesn't demand much except for food, water, the occasional petting, place to sleep.
My dream cat:)

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