Thursday, 17 January 2008

I'M Dreaming Of My New Home

It's not really that grand, but it's our own! A corner 3-bedroom apartment in a 3-storey apartment building. I'm already dreaming on how to decorate it, buying furnitures, paint, etc. More excited when I visited IKEA, and see their house concept. I guess people liked the IKEA's ideas becoz of its simplicity, cosiness, room & cost effectiveness. Another good guide would be Impiana. Look out for the small living area edition. Really helps to give more ideas on how to utilise your limited space.
A lot of ideas going round in my head right now - I like the minimalist look which save space and have the really uncluttered look. I also like the classy look which gives an air of richness, think Bohemian crystal on the consul table. I'd like to make it cosy where one can just relax in one own's environment. I'd also need more space to put all my stuff in! Guess I'd have to make do with the space. Never ever buy things without moving in first into your house. Always plan what you want to buy based on your need and cost and concept. I'd make the mistake of buying a bedroom set, a sofa and most recently on my trip back to BP, i bought horrendously mismatched day curtains. My other half knows about my impulse buying, but when I buy it from my own money, he can't say much. That means I'll have the liberty in decorating the house in my own way. Yipee! Every girl's dream to make their dream house. I'm gonna love this house so much, that I'll make it cosy for friends, family, and yes, even cats to come visit:) but this won't materialize till March for the moving in.
Maybe during my trip to Bali this mid Jan, I'd be able to find some really interesting stuff to decorate my dream house with:)

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Mrs.Curmudgeon said...

I know what you mean.I had the exact reaction, the eksaited-feel of playing house-decorator!And to actually call a place your makcik-makcik flower arrangements or doilies...