Thursday, 3 April 2008

Colour blind

I’m wearing a green batik baju kebaya today. I love the colour green. To me, it signifies peace and also loving the earth. A colour is a colour, it doesn’t reflect any political standing. Colours are supposed to reflect your mood be it happy, sad, cheery, bubbly. It also reflects your personality. I get really mad when some people made off hand remarks not to wear certain colours such as green, light blue and possibly pink. What is this?! I’m not going to a rally, I’m just going to the office.

For heaven’s sake, just leave the colours alone. We are not school children that you can frighten into obedience. Prohibiting certain colours, or not to promote certain states or support certain political party. You can do better than that. Have you not learnt that slavery doesn’t bring loyalty, it brings disconcert amongst the slaves. Have you not learn that the Japanese/Portuguese/British occupation on Malaya makes people rebellious because they did not want a foreign ruler to govern their lives? Then what makes you think that you can bully people to your liking? Come on, grow up! Please do not forget that the people have chosen before, and they won’t hesitate to choose again.

In my own way, I will wear whatever damn colour I choose, whenever I choose!


fantaghiro said...

yeah man, only idiots yg insecure and sore losers jer yg tetiba takut dgn certain colors..
helllooooo....please la, cukup cukup laa membodohkan diri.. the way woman, busuknyerrrr hati certain minister neh..just because other states belongs to different coalition, tetiba pula nak pull out all activities..damn..soooo busuk hati and teramatlah BODOH BANGANG BAHLOL beyond words!!!
tgk la next PRU nanti, mmg kena ajar cukup cukup diorang ni!!

Beautiful Life said...

Yeah betul....we are working honestly and she now comes nak menglamer haramkan Tourism Malaysia ni....seriusly membosankan.

Read more in Rocky's Bru & the Star online today.


I'm so glad I only adore the color black.And so does the husband.So you boleh imagine my tempat sidai kain is like a goth's laundry day.Anyway, it's hilarious how people are stupidly sensitive towards color.Democracy my ass.

Ash said...

Ditto that, akak. Suka hatilah nak pakai colour apa pun. Asal tak kacau and mengumpat orang 24-7 sudah. Cite akak ini mengingatkan saya ke MTL (minah tudung labuh) di UIA yang suka melecture orang. :-P