Thursday, 10 April 2008

Losing It

Me and Ms Fantaghiro have been having badminton session for the past two weeks in our quest to loose all the flabs. She's getting lumpy and I'm just bloated. We love to eat and laze around, that's what got us there in the first place. Ms Fantaghiro blames the cooking channel on Astro. Me? I just love to eat, plus having all those night functions does not help my body at all.

Anyway, we've been playing at this patch of green near my mum's house with a small 10 year old boy neighbour. He's like an energizer bunny, man! So much energy and still can play faster than both of me and Ms Fantaghiro combined! We were huffing and puffing around the green. The weather nowadays does not help at all. It's raining cats and dogs sometimes in the afternoon when its about lunchtime or even late afternoon around time to leave the office. But me and Ms Fantaghiro are still very psyched to get fit and slim, so rain or shine, we will still play badminton.
Plus I hate it when people commented on my weight. I do detest it when people start saying things about my body, especially when it involves those excess fat hahaha oh well, people will be people. They will say whatever they want. Important thing is I'm doing something about it. Very important to have a partner that's committed to it too, so when you get lazy, she will pick you up and vice versa. So Ms Fantaghiro, another round of badminton?


fantaghiro said...

another round of badminton? how about lots??? hehehehe
yeah we are SO not entering our thirties being unfaboulous!!
NO!! heheheh..


i HATE it when people, who thought they're being cute, go on like, "Eii Lisa, makin 'bahagia'" and have that smug smile.

Pleaselah.If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all...before I get snarky lah kan.*haha*

I KNOW *glances at own flab* and I've decided to take up gym..again.*LOL*.