Friday, 17 April 2009

Perpetrator caught red handed

Chronology of Events

5 Feb, 10.30pm

Hubby set a spy cam on our front balcony facing our door and the stairs on Thursday night, right after another incident happened at 10.30pm that same night.

6 Feb, noon
Hubby left home at 9am on Friday morning (6 Feb), and he came back before Friday prayers to check on the house. Lo and behold, there it was the "parcel" on our padlock, no less!! Front door neighbour said its human poo, the smell is incredible. The best thing was that we managed to caught the perp in action.

6 Feb, Nite
We showed the video to some neighbours and also Rukun Tetanga. Some people identified the guy as who had moved in to the flat 6 months ago. He works as a car salesman and wife is homemaker, with a small baby. The husband looked like an ex-army. It seems that this is the work of both husband and wife. How keji was that??We had to cancel our travel plans to Penang and Taiping because hubby had a bad feeling about things.

7 Feb, morning
Again on Saturday, the guy did it again. We didn't want to confront him yet as our Rukun Tetangga advised to use a pschological approach, so that he won't suspect that we knew what he was doing.

8 Feb, morning
Sunday morning (8 Feb), hubby was keeping an eye on the spy cam. I was in the toilet getting ready. Suddenly I heard hubby yelp: Oi! OI!! I quickly came out of the bathroom, wondering what happened. Saw hubby at bottom of the stairs facing another perp: his wife. So keji!!!

When confronted she said some cat been pooping upstairs. We gave her a spray to discourage cat to poop at the same place. About half an hour later, the husband came down banging at our door, demanding why we were attacking his wife. My hubby was trying to calm him but he kept asking my hubby to go down and "settle things". Hubby, the neighbours and me were having a showdown with him. All he can say was to go down and "settle things" and finally he left. Thank God nobody was hurt.

8 Feb, afternoon
We lodged a police report at Balai Polis Sentul then was reffered to Balai Polis Wangsa Maju because there was an investigating officer. Nothing happened.

9 Feb
Nothing happened, but we took precautions not to bump into him.

Not long after this we found out that finally our apartment was ready to move in. We began to move out gradually from mid feb to end of March.

- End -