Sunday, 26 April 2009


I must admit that I've been possessed (pun intended!) lately with tales of the supernatural. Sure, I'm still scared of horror flick like the scream fest Carrie or the Exorcist or Friday the 13th. That's why I opted for a more tolerable one hour supernatural series or vampire movies as they are lest gory than the rip-your-body-apart-blood-everywhere kinda movie.

Right now I'm obsessed with Supernatural the series, partly because it is just an hour watch on supernatural stuff. I must because I so love Dean Winchester. Apart from his green eyes and smouldering good looks (Jensen Ackles is of Irish, British & Scottish descendent), he is a typical manly man, loves rock music, loves action and loves chick. Compared to his brother Sam, he is the ignorant one on manners and to a certain extent, the world. All he cares about is hunting evil in the form of "things you never dream about" and demons (it is the core of the series). But he does bring a certain humour to the show with his masochist attitude and the relationship with his brother Sam is fun to watch.

Am marathon watching season 2, I got seasons 1 - 4 on DVD. Got them dirt cheap in Batu Ferringhi night market last march. RM4 for one cd, and buy 5 get one free. Crazy or what?? For one entire season I'd spend about RM20 for 6 DVDs!! Ms Fantaghiro, I am so coming with you next time you go back to Penang. Spent more money on other DVDs - Cashmere Mafia, Confessions of a Call Girl, and some music cds.

Also, been obsessed with the Twilight series. Sure, it is not the best book in the world, in fact it got bad reviews in Goodreads. But I am a sucker for vampire movies, even if the female lead is very clingy and weak and sometimes stupid. Even bought the books to read and found out that Twilight have been the rage all over in the US and I've bought the sequel to Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. I agree with the reviews which have stated poor characterization, thin plots, and personally I think the story could be written in less than 500++ pages. Other books to read in this category: Anne Rice's Complete Vampire Chronicles, Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy.

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