Monday, 13 September 2010


Al-Fatihah to the victims in Datuk Sosilawati's murder case. Takziah to all the family members. I can not imagine what they are going thru now....

This is not a claim to fame, arwah Ahmad Kamil & wife were the same batch with me in Matrics IIU in 96'. However, we are not in contact after IIU but friends used to bring updates about ex-IIU students, so we knew bits and pieces about other friends, including them.

Its sad and shocking to hear something like this happened to somebody we used to know. May arwah be in a better place now & Allah cucuri rahmatNya. May Allah give peace of mind to the families...Ameen

Hope the bastards who did this crime will be caught and heavily punished....Insya Allah..


adianiez AIDA said...

yes. al-fatihah utk kamil. tak sangka... sedih!

Silent Scribbler said...

I thought the guy looked familiar. It's very sad because he is so young... Al-fatihah untuk arwah!

Shahzad Saeed said...

Happy to know that Muslim girls are making blogs and being active.
As a blogger I have one suggestion, please don't use abuse words like bas**** in your post.

salzahari said...

aku sangat sentap dgn berita kekejaman mcm ni...walaupun tak kenal!