Monday, 19 September 2011

Kellie's Castle - Part 2

The Castle is indeed grand and eerie at the same time. The rooms for the children were quite sizeable and there were connecting passages behind what was supposed to be the bathroom and there were (what I think) is the escape or emergency stairs in the connecting passageway. It is quite an interesting architecture with its hidden nooks and crannies - especially on the lower roof top. Another unique feature is that the rooms are connected by an outside corridor - much akin to the hostel corridors, and one can really feel the eeriness when walking thru the corridors.
The daughter's room
Proposed bathroom in the daughter's room
The connecting passageway between the daughter's & the son's room and there's a staircase in the middle

Visitors were warned not to make much noise when entering Kellie's daughter room as it was said that her spirit still roams the place. I was told that there were strange happenings in the castle, when foreign film crews came and erected camera on a tripod to capture any supernatural activities during the night, they found in the recordings that it was knocked down by a white being - presumably Old Man Kellie himself. Paranormal crews from local and overseas have been coming in droves to study this phenomenon.

Prayer altar with imported stones & marble from India
A favourite place for wedded couples to take picture - where the picture was taken was on the lower rooftop, the couple are on the third floor and people can still go up on the upper rooftop, above the third floor (albeit the "gayat" feeling you get on top of a high building without security partition on the sides)

The elevator shaft for the 1st bucket list in Malaya
If you are a fan of history & paranormal sightings - then a visit to Kellie's Castle would not disappoint.

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