Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I was in Sydney in June for work. Winter has just started and the weather was around 16 degrees. Not too cold but a bit chilly in the mornings and nights. My visit was brief but as it was my first trip to Australia, so I was considerably excited. I only saw the Sydney Opera House at night (no pic as my camera quality wasn't so good) and just missed the week where they had colourful lights on at the opera house. One of my regrets was not doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb because of time factor and any visit to Australia is  complete without looking at pandas and kangaroos. Australia is a melting pot of culture, races, religion, food - and its interesting to observe this in Sydney. I was told by one of the Melbournian in my office that Melbourne is much more diverse than Sydney and have more interesting to visit.   I am partly making it up for my Gold Coast trip in April next year and surely want to cover interesting activities while I'm there.

Sunset in Sydney
Seafood galore! Crab, lobster, prawns, clams, squid, huge fries. This order was for 2 persons. There were 3 of us and still we couldn't finish it....
Under the bridge overlooking Darling Harbour

Our main aim was to look for Paddy's Market
View of Darling Harbour
Paddy's Market to buy souvenirs and local produce - being the tourist that I am, needed to buy fridge magnets for friends and family. Cheap and reasonable prices too. The sellers are mainly outsider eg Chinese, Singaporeans, Vietnamese - hardly see any real Mat Salleh selling the souvenirs.
Abundant of seagulls at the harbour - they are considered as pests - as do kangaroos (shocker to us non-Aussie)
I really liked this artistic feature - real whale bones in transparent casing - it looks almost alive - a reminiscent of the whales' lives once upon a time

Traffic light for bicycles to Go! Bicycles is one of the main transportation for the people in Sydney - a good way to travel minus jam and you get some exercise too!

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