Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Buying a home or just a house?

Appalling! That's what been going on in my head when I surfed the net for prospect home to buy. I do not get the mentality of home owners that feel the need to showcase their house in very messy conditions. Do they think that prospect buyers would want to see how messy can a house get - with clothes lying around, helmets in the house, dining table full of clutter?? I do understand that some of the houses are rented out but if the home owners or agents are planning to snap pictures, I would highly suggest that they inform the tenants to clean up and clear the room of unnecessary clutter.

I don't need to mention the atrocious curtains and furniture coz its a matter of style and taste, and furthermore we are not buying the house fully furnished! The bedroom and bathroom is none the better - beds unmade, clothes on the bed & floor, dirty bathroom, tiles missing on wall in the bathroom. Just makes me want to gag thinking about it.

Another thing that bothered me was that some houses have really, really loud color. I get it that they may want to have a feature wall or a splash of color in the house but some of the colors are really bright that they are almost fluorescent that I think you would need wear a Ray Ban inside the house. I always thought that this was just a mistake on the part of home owners that they may think of some color but ended up with a totally different colour. Maybe the tone of colour that they bought was a tad too bright and ended up with fluorescent paint all over the house. And maybe they think that "oh well, since I already bought buckets of this paint might as well finish it off" and proceeded to paint the rest of the house in similar colour. That's how home owners ended up with a fluorescent house, in my opnion.

When you see makeover shows like Flip This House or The Style Department on Astro, the house is given a makeover a simple as giving it a fresh coat of paint, de-cluttering and re-positioning furniture to emphasize the space so that prospect buyers can see the potential of a home.

Meanwhile, I am still searching for my dream home in this challenging time and budget :p

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