Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction!

When I think about wardrobe malfunction, the Janet Jackson incident at the Superbowl a few years ago comes to mind. Be it intentional or accidental, these incidents can be very embarrassing indeed, both to the "doer" as well as the onlooker!

I think most of us will experience wardrobe malfunction at least once in their lifetime. Personally I've had a few of those mortifying moments but the one that stuck out the most from my memory was the one I had at the office a few years ago.

The story goes: a bunch of us were on Friday break and was just killing time before we commenced our duties. I was standing at the entrance of my cubicle while some of my office mates (which included one male immediate supervisor) were sitting on a sofa in front of my cubicle. We were yakking away when suddenly *poof* my black sarong skirt suddenly went down to the ground. I didn't even feel that the skirt was not on my hips anymore because I was wearing one of those corsets that covered my tummy down to my thighs and stops just above the knees. Fortunately, I had that on, else it would've been a more "exposed" free show for my colleagues. Anyway, my colleagues were screaming and pointing at me then I realized what had happened and bent down quickly to pick up my skirt. I was mortified because my MALE boss was there and wished that the floor would open up and swallow me so I could avoid the awkward moment. However, with my colleagues laughing I forgo the thought and joined in the laughter. 

We were perplexed as to how the skirt came off. For one, I was standing and not doing any rigorous movement that could warrant the skirt off. And secondly, my skirt was the zip and hook type. How did it became unzipped and unhooked, thus falling down?? My theory was that, because I was wearing the corset, my waist could've been smaller than the measurement of the skirt thus with some movement, somehow could've unhooked the skirt, and probably unzipped it too. And because of the corset material was made of some kind of spandex covered with satin, I couldn't feel the movement of the skirt when it came undone. I think the satin layer may have contributed to expedite the velocity of the skirt downwards.

Anyway, I was stuck with my male boss for the evening as we had to go to some emergency meeting outside. Embarrassing moments aside, I had to maintain my professionalism and just do my work. I guess the situation forced us (ha!) to overcome the incident. Of course, we never talked about it, ever. So that kind of helped, too :p

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