Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Skype Surprise - Not!!!

Technology is wonderful. But when someone abuse that, it becomes a nightmare. Think hackers, trolls, identity theft, etc.

Around 7pm yesterday I was at my desk doing work on my laptop, and suddenly my skype was blinking with a message. I got a message from an ex-colleague whom I only chatted a few times on skype previously. And this was out of the blue as we haven't chatted in ages - probably about 1 year or so after she left. Her profile picture was that of a cute furry kitten and truth be told I vaguely remembered her as most people, she used her nickname on skype. So we exchanged a few lines and said she wants to call me on skype. To be honest, I didn't want to talk to her because:
1. she left the company in a less than ideal way, and 
2. I don't possibly know what she wants to talk about - I was thinking maybe she wants to talk about employment opportunity (as we were interviewing some people but nothing in her line).

So naturally, I hold off for a good 15 mins while I settled my task in hand. Untill I feel ready to face her. She was offline. Then after a few minutes she was online again and placed a call on my skpe. I accepted the call, after a few second waited for the other caller to appear on the web cam. Lo and behold, there was a naked male torso with his *peep* erected. Mind you it was not a very attractive sight. Would help a bit if he has six pack but all I can see was his several love handles. Yucks! I quickly exit the chat but realised that the call was still on, so I had to open the skype box again with the guy still doing things to his *peep* and close it off properly. What a nightmare!

This morning I blocked and report abuse to skype. Hope I never meet that creep again!!

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