Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back from the Dead!

Been on blog hiatus for months - busy with work & KPI, having writer's block, losing my passion to write and share for a while. Been off everybody's blog too. So today when I read La Signora's update, its nice to know that disconnecting from social media is ok. Disconnecting for some real life, but not totally disconnected at the same time. In my hiatus, I was back on FB updates since before I only go online once every 3 months. But after a while, the FB updates by other people and sometimes by myself felt so narcissistic. So I decided to get off FB and back into blogdom.

So the year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. I don't even know that there were different type of dragon until this year when I was enlightened by my Chinese colleagues. They have predicted that although its the Year of the Dragon, but the Water Dragon will not be so "ong" for them. They are already moaning about mishaps that happened to them and felt that the whole year it will continue in the same fashion. Personally, I don't subscribed in that belief, but when I fell down twice spraining both my ankles (first incident sprained my right ankle near the LRT station and then a week later sprained my other ankle while doing a jumping activity at home) and another colleague also fell down and did a split, my other colleagues were saying that this is not a good year for our office as so many mishaps had happened early of the year. Hmm....maybe its all just a coincidence.....read here for more info on the water dragon 2012.

One of my favourite things about the CNY was all the "Loh Sang" toast we did with the yee sang dish. I did at least 3 loh sang toast this year and some colleagues did 7 or 8! You can practically buy the loh sang at sushi restaurants and do it at home with the family. The loh sang dish is just a mixture of crackers, pomelo, salmon slice (optional), plum sauce and honey. Its just a fun cultural experience and good food if you think about it. My Loh Sang entry here.

That's all the updates I have for now.

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