Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Too nice to handle

I was informed that I am too "nice" - coming from a colleague who have been working together with me for the past 10 years, and thus probably thinks that he/she have an authority to inform me on this matter. This colleague mentioned that 10 years ago I was too naive and thinks everybody is "good". Obviously judging from my colleague's tone, that it was an error in my character because whenever the colleague and some other colleagues tried to bitch about somebody that I know, I would say that people is basically good. I was probably mentioning something positive or an unknown fact about the person that they seem to have beef with. So this makes it hard for them to bitch or gossip about other people to me as I was perceived as too nice to participate in this bitching ritual.

What is wrong with this picture? Is being nice/good considered a flaw in a person these days? Or is it because I don't participate in their vicious gossips and probably a deterrent in rumour mongering among themselves? I don't know.

They were glad that I have grown up and became more skeptical about people. Maybe I have grown up and have a different perspective about how the world works now but in my heart of heart, I still think people is good. Unless they have proven otherwise to me. Maybe thinking that everyone is good is a dangerous notion in this day and age because we don't know if that person might be a psycho or harbouring something dark in their heart. What this colleague perceived as me being more skeptical most probably came from my knowledge of things happening around the office, and thus made me privy to information most people don't know of.

They probably think if they bitch about a particular person that I know, maybe somehow I would pass on the message. I think that is their business and would not meddle with gossipers who probably have nothing better to do than pick a beef with somebody just because they are weird or do not confirm to their social standards. Hello, not everyone is born a gossiper. I don't need to know what's happening with so and so, if it doesn't concern or have an effect on me. Probably I am better off without the gossips so I don't have a share for it later in akhirat. Wallahu a'lam.

FYI, I am still nice. Deal with it.

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Hey Nuws! Good for you!

Bitching is bad but not until it becomes one's character, itz the worse! Some ppl gain higher status in social network or circle by just doing so but the fact is, it is all temporarily until they become a bigger bitcher's stories.

And who have the last laugh??