Saturday, 16 November 2013

Things that happened for the past year

I have been absent from my blog for a year. A YEAR!

There was a time when I couldn't let a day go by without at least checking in on my blog. I was totally obsessed with trying to post something online.

So many things happened within the year. I was contemplating a change of pace as I was feeling stuck. Work was beginning to get to me and I feel like I wasn't performing. Then the New Year came. 2013! I figured that I had to do something with my life, trying something new.

Mid April I got the letter that would change my life. I was up for posting in New York during the summer. NEW YORK?!! I have not dared to dream of overseas posting, plus with a seemingly highly coveted destination like New York. I was in disbelief.

From then on, my life was in a whirlwind. I only had about two months to pack all my stuff, vacate my home to rent it out, hand over my current job, preparing for the new job. Not to mention moving thousands of miles away from family, friends and familiarity. I was excited but sad at the same time. Scared at the unknown. So many questions in my mind. Its America. would they be tolerant of Muslims after 9/11? Can I do the job well? I have been out of HQ and so many things have changed for me.

Eventhough I have traveled overseas before but moving to stay overseas feels totally different. Both Hubby and I were like scared children about to leave the nest. We had to depend on each other as we were all that we have over there.  

With limited time on my hands, I had to make the most out of it. Meet my friends, settle some personal affairs, trying to learn as much as I can about New York which will be my home for the next three years. My predecessor, Salinda had been very supportive and informative. So much information given out on the conditions of New York - the office, workload, staff, home, what to do, where to go. We shared so many whatsapp chats over the nights and day, but it seems like I can never get enough information to prepare myself once I get there.

I longed to visit Rompin and Yan again, meet with aunties, uncles and cousins, but alas, time did not permit.

Colleagues at MyCEB was lovely. They were all excited for me and threw a lovely farewell, one of the best parties that I ever had the privilege to be part of. Everything was beautiful but poignant at the same time. My parents also did a small kenduri selamat to pray for our well being.

Love the Cake!!
Then the time came for me to say goodbye. Both Hubby's and my family and some friends came to say goodbye at the airport. This was it. I was finally happening. Its bittersweet but I am glad of all the love that was showed by family and friends. In body as well as in cyberspace (yes, that was you, Siti and Lisa).

With Yanti, one of the first few friends I made since UIA days, united by our passion for Taekwondo

With Azura, who has helped me maneuver thru working life and kept me grounded both in TM and MyCEB. Also my makan2 and geli2 partner. Fridays won't be the same without you

The very delicious red velvet with frosting cupcake made by Kak Azah. Who though not in body, was with with us in spirit and cupcake:)

With all them ladies Hola! Many thanks to Cik who has helped me physically with the final moments of packing up

With my family and Shiefa & Najmi

Time to say goodbyes and bleary eyes. See you in New York!



Hah. Finally! After a year, keluar pun your latest post. Have fun in New York!

Beautiful Life said...

Hi Fad Ariffin! Yeah tu la baru nak update blog ni ha....kumpul material heheh nantikan kedatangannya....

azadekaza said...

Nuwal... i am so stress... then i open my blog then saw you wrote something..... hahahahhaahhahahahaha so happy tak jadi to write about my thought of the day.

adianiez AIDA said...

wal, aku tak tau langsung ko nak gi. if yes, surely aku lari ke KLIA nak peluk cium ko. sgt lama tak jumpa and now bertambah lama :-(