Monday, 10 March 2014

Sights of Rompin

From my archive: some of my favourite sights when I was in my hometown Rompin, sometime ago. Probably because of the coastal area, I've always loved the scene of swaying palm trees, the sandy beaches, the blue skies and blue ocean. One of the reasons why I like to go back to Rompin, the atmosphere feels different because it is more laidback, and somehow charming with a blend of Rompin old town and new town.

On the way to Rompin town via Pekan - Nenasi - Lanjut

Bridge at Nenasi with the boats docking. When I reach here on my journey, I know that Rompin town is not far off, probably another 20 minutes or so.
When we were little and travel back to Rompin from Kedah or Kelantan or wherever we may be, my parents always makes it mandatory to stop and stay a night at this rest house - now called Puteri Inn

This is the landmark for Bandar Rompin - watermelon! Unable to get a good shot as this was situated at the junction.

Another thing Rompin is famous for is the udang galah because it is near the Sg Rompin. About RM45 per kilo for Grade A type udang galah. 
View in front of Tok's house
This is me inside looking out the scenery just from the front door

Close-up of the scenery - with this kind of scenery, you would feel relaxed and feel green

Nasi dagang wrapped in daun simpul only in Rompin! As opposed to most nasi dagang Terengganu which is wrapped in banana leaf

Nasi dagang with lauk ikan tongkol

Rompin old town where mak used to live with her family when she was little until the shoplot burned down (left side of the road)

Best roti canai in town, still soft even after a few hours. It was reported that Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan came here to report and cover about the roti canai, many many years ago


Kerabu Jantung said...

balik rompin itinery:

7.30 am pegi pantai, jogging sikit sebanyak

8.30 beli breakfast ,beli macam-macam, nasi dagang , laksa, laksam mihun goreng, karipap, pulut manis
kuih ketayap, dll selagi nampak di mata

9.30 makan, sembang, makan, sembang, makan, sembang

4.30 beli kepok goreng, pisang goreng

6.30 pegi pantai sampai maghrib

8.30 malam dinner kat bandar, makan udang galah dsb

Tiap-tiap hari aturcara yang sama

Beautiful Life said...

Haha that is the good life...