Friday, 14 December 2007

Why Should I?

Yes, indeed, why should I? Adhering to some rules that were created to satisfy some bureaucratic system for the "greater good". What can they do to me, who's breaking all the menial rules, just to maintain her sanity and individuality in this environment that doesn't make sense? The answer is: they won't do anything. But they will judge you based on a pre-concieved ideas that they get through the grapevine. . If they have something against you, nothing will sway them from the idea that they have firmly planted in their mind. Nothing you say or do will change it, ever.
I must confess that I'm an individualistic person working in an environment that promotes team spirit. But all I find is that they are a gossipy lot, who have a penchant for office gossip, non stop yikkity-yak about other peoples' lives. I'm not into this scene, I'd rather do my work, with less bureaucracy, back-biting, and boss-hating environment :p I like people who are honest with their job, and do it with the utmost integrity. There are only a handful of people that have that kind of dedication towards their work. Sadly, the bosses doesn't see it the value of their staff. They rather like pretty words to caress their egos.
I don't believe in appraisals, because it doesn't reflect the true personality of the person who is delivering his/her job. Nor it is a correct judgement on the amount of work that person have done. If somebody is able to suck up to the boss to get more marks on their appraisal, then so be it. I'm not gonna do that, I believe that good will prevail over evil. I suggest that appraisal should be done in other ways, probably judgement of the person/s should be done individualy and focusing on their strengths and improving on the weakness. Bosses are created not only to act as a boss, but to guide the workers into the greater good. If the boss doesn't realise it, then he must be a fool.
Alas, the fool and his ship will soon sink.

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