Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Got the Monday blues?

Delayed in posting. I was recuperating after being involved in a car accident.

It all started last Monday, 16 June 2008. We were supposed to go to Saloma Bistro @ JalanAmpang for our senamrobik cum Perhimpunan Pagi. Who else, but 'twas our Minister who lead the senamrobik session. I guess she needed to relived her days in the Sports Ministry.

The three of us were running late. I was riding with my officemate's brand new Toyota Vios to Saloma, we weren't rushing as we decided to skip the senamrobik session. The road wasn't jammed, and we were coming from Rennaisance about to turn to Saloma, which was a 3-lane road. The cars on the first two lanes had already stopped to give us way. As we were about to turn into Saloma, a Satria GTI from the third lane rammed into the front part of my colleague's Vios. He was going, maybe about 60 kmph, and couldn't stop the car in time.

I was sitting on the front passenger and hit my head on the side mirror from the impact of the accident. My friend, who was the owner of the Vios sprained her neck and had to wear neck brace for two days. The driver who hit us didn't have insurance and roadtax for his car. Said that he was on his way to renew his insurance. Too bad for him, but he could've killed somebody.
This incident really unnerved me, and I couldn't work for the rest of the day. I kept having the incident played in mind, over and over again. Now I understand why people get traumatized by an accident. I have felt it. Thank God, we were ok considering we were involved in a car accident.

A very bad start for the week. Couldn't wait for the week to be over.


Ash said...

Kak Nuwal, I am sorry to hear about this. Take care and get well soon. And I am glad that your injuries were relatively minor. (Hug).


Omigawd!!!Alhamdulillah, nobody ws seriously injured!Yeah, I know what you mean, MY trauma was that I didn't know how my mom would take it, sebab gerenti kena nagging punya!

...wait, you head your hit on the side mirror?That's ..weird.So you're ok?No pening2?

Beautiful Life said...

Dear Ash & Lisa,

Thank you both for the wishes. Alhamdullilah kitaorg takder apa2. My colleague told me that the car was definitely going faster than 60kmph, probably 80-100 kmph. But the police ruled out that itwas out mistake for turining in at Saloma, because that was a straight road evethough it was a legal turn.

My head hit the mirror on the passenger side, not the small side mirror la hehehe lucky i still had my seatbelt on, or not it could've been worse.

Damage was estimated about RM10k for each car but all cliamable from insurance.