Friday, 20 June 2008

My Kitties

The naughty kitties

Them again

Milking Mummy

Only 2 months old

Mummy the cat

The orange kitty sleeping

The tri-color kitty sleeping at a very odd place

Awww, my favourite kitty, the black one, very independant.
The three kitties were born by Mummy sometime in February. I have actually given away two of the kitties to a friend of mine, the black and the tri-colored one. The orange kitty were intended for my sister in-law, but never get to give it to her because somebody stole him.
Anyway, Mummy the cat is pregnant again. So, I'll get another litter of kitties again sometime in August. Anyone interested to adopt some kitties, please let me know.



THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! And so gebuuuuu!ARe they like a mix breed?ooo, Mummy Cat bonk interesting tomcats *hahahaha*

If Ziah sees this, that woman sure goleng-goleng depan PC geram!hahahahah...

Beautiful Life said...

Yup, all mixed with persian tomcat. Mummy did boink interesting cats, they were yowling and fighting in front of my house! Thank God mating season's over hehehe

Now, Mummy is in my home, living the pregnant cat's life, eating good food. Can't wait for her to deliver. I love baby kitties!

hnyhar said...

Waa..wii..what a cute kitties I had ever seen. Do they got their names too? Or u juz call them referring to their colour..hi3..geraam tgk..especially tang bulu dia tu..nmpk gebuuu sgt. Tolong penyekkan sikit untuk Aunt Nani k!

Beautiful Life said...

Hehe thank you kak nani. Unfortunately semua dah takder dgn I. So, tgh tunggu Mummy beranak:)

hnyhar said...

Aktifnye mummy cat nih..xde pantang2 ke beranak aritu. Huuhuu. Due date xtau ke..kali ni dgn bapak mana lak dia loving2 yer..heheh.

ziah said...

comel tahap 8 juta! the tri-colored is to the very the noti face!!!!!! mcm nak gigit je sekor2. I'm not allowed to take in anymore cats since I already have 3 big ones (also becos I'm pregnant...).... But I love all 3 of your kitties!!!!!!