Friday, 13 June 2008

My own personal Threshold

As we grow older, our threshold for pain substantially lowers. This may not be an accurate fact, but it’s an observation from my own personal experience. I feel that as I grow older, my body’s threshold for pain plummets down, be it physically or mentally. I discover that the monthly period pains won’t go away, instead I’d have to take painkillers to relieve me. I discover that I absolutely cannot tolerate grotesque pictures of accident victims that you normally find in forwarded emails. Or I’d have nightmares for nights. I also find that I’m more paranoid than usual when I read reminders in emails, especially one that says you need to lift up public toilet bowls to look out for venomous spiders that might be crawling under it, and might bit you to death when you are doing your “business” there. Scary.

Makes me think that this world is not a safe world anymore. I really do pity our children who can’t enjoy their childhood for fear of being kidnapped or molested by a pedophile or contract some weird disease when they are playing outside. Scary.

I used to torture myself when I was a teenager. I wanted to test my threshold for physical discomfort. Nothing drastic, I just switch off the fan in my room in the sweltering heat of Alor Star. It used to drive my sister crazy. I wanted to ready my body in case there was a blackout, so I won’t feel so hot. Now, I can’t live without a full speed fan. Slow air-cond in the car suffocates me. So much for my “training” for threshold. I guess your body does change as you grow older. Just accept the fact and try to take care of it, as best as possible.

Just a reflection on my self…….*sigh*

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