Friday, 14 November 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!

14 November 2008 was my mum's 51st birthday. I called her yesterday to tell her that I'm going to Sarawak on 21 November and inviting her to come along with me on the trip. Then she casually said " Today's my 51st birthday!"....then I said "no wonder the date today seemed so familiar!"....I am so bad with birthdays!!! Anyway, a Happy Birthday to the special lady we call all sorts of name....starting from:

Mak, mum, meemok (kolat's specialty), the General (my dad's specialty) and of course her pseudonym: Kerabu Jantung.

Many happy returns of the day and May Allah bless you always!


hnyhar said...

happy 51st bday auntie!!

Beautiful Life said...

RALAT.....sebenarnya my mum's 57th birthday hehe

indecisiveness said...


salzahari said...

ok what, 51 instead of 57? lol..muda 6 thn u!! :p