Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Updates for November

Hi cyber friends...I'm back!!! Some updates on what happened to me during the hiatus:

1. Attending a course in Indonesia
Was attending an agrotourism course in Bandung and Jakarta from 3 - 9 November 2008. I have been to both Jakarta and Bandung, but it's nice to revisit the places again. One important thing is that, I need to go SHOPPING! but couldn't do it in Bandung coz the workshop ended at 5.30pm and it rained in the evening, so what a bummer...but managed to do some shopping in Tanah Abang complex in Jakarta. Besides that, Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia was kind enough to bring us for a field trip to the Archipelago Botanical Garden in Cipanas and also Gunung Mas tea plantation in Bogor. More updates on the trip on my next blog posting.

2. Job movement, again!!!
While I was in Bandung, received a phone call from my colleague informing that I'd received a letter dated 5 November to move to yet another division. This time around to Domestic Promotion Division. I was stunned to hear the news because I was just transferred to Research Division only two months ago. Have not reported duty to the new division, which was suppose to be on 10 November coz I was on leave. But my current Division is going to appeal to not move me to that Division, because I'd just started to adapt to the work. Anyway, see how it goes on the decision from the top management. For now I was told that senior officers (like myself) are needed to be on the operation side to do marketing and promotion. My personal opinion: It's a hassle to move again, but I think it's better to stay than move to Domestic. That is a hot seat division as Minister is now focusing on domestic promotion.

3. Laptop still busted
It's been that way for the past two weeks and I hadn't the liberty to update as often as I would like it to be. Note to self: Will continue to nag on hubby to fix it hehe

4. My kitties
I had given away all my kitties. Have some pictures on their last day with me and drop off but couldnt upload yet. I've given two kitties to Gojie, my office mate and another one, Kemek, to my sis in law. Kemek is now known as Meme, and she actually responds to that name. I was informed that all three kitties are behaving well and still go to their litter box. What a relief! Seems that I'd train them well. I had to get rid of the kitties as my house is too small and for health reasons. My mum is convinced that it's the cats' furs that are making me cough.

So that's it for now...will update again soon.


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Silent Scribbler said...

Hey Kak Nuwal, you're back! I was wondering what happened to you. ;-) Sounds like it's been a really busy month for you. Upload lah gambar kat JKT kalau ada. :-P Take care! :-)

kerabujantung said...

Yes,and your batuk lingers on for about a year now.I hope with the dispoaL of your (Cute kitties and forever mating and beranak mama cat)your batuk will subside soon. It is a good start for you as you were away from all the furs and the filthy smell of air kencing kucing ( of course your nose is immuned to it ) and you breathing the fresh air in Bandung and Puncak will help you to recover fast!

Beautiful Life said...

Ash: Yeah couldn't update coz laptop kong at home, that was the main reason. Second, was directed to go to the workshop barely one week before deprating so was rushed to prepare presentation and country paper on agrtourism.

Kerabu Jantung aka Mak: Hard for me to admit it, I think you are right that the cat's fur and faeces are making me sick. So hopefully a new start after this.

Irshad: Or whoever you are. Thanks for dropping by. No thanks for the spam. Doesn't interest me much. FYI, I don't need your comment to add on to comments on my blog because the people who are commenting are actually my friends and I know them personally and welcome their comments. Please don't spam me next time.