Friday, 12 June 2009

Overseas Posting & Health issues

My office is now abuzz with people who are going for overseas posting. Some are going to Asian countries like Brunei, Manila, Beijing, Mumbai and some are going to the New York, others are going to Europe eg Milan, Russia, etc.

Exciting times right now, maybe for some it is feeling envious as they wondered why they were not chosen for overseas posting. It is after all, the most coveted position, being able to stay in a foreign country and doing seemingly glamorous job, and the allowance is great! If you bring your family, your partner and kids would get allowance too. The most sought after overseas posting is Japan because of the highest allowance rate, and after that Europe cities like Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stockholm, etc.

My good friend and colleague, Ms Jam is going to Brunei this coming 26 June. Tons of things to do like packing things, getting to know the market where you are posted - the arrivals, travel behaviour, preference of travelers, the office and the existing staff. Ms Jam was given a rather neat list of things to bring like:

Pots and pans
Sanitary pads
Sardine, etc

You might think the items above don't matter much, wait till you get there and you'd certainly need a familiar brand. You need to be comforted with the things you already know especially when the stuff is hard to get in European countries! A colleague in Stockholm once requested another colleague who's coming for a sales mission to bring a carton full of sanitary pads! Everything is so damn expensive, especially in Euros, when you multiply everything to 5 times.

Then there's the matter of medical check-up. A colleague who was supposed to got to Milan found out after her medical check-up that she had Thalassemia, a condition which she never knew about. She may have to defer or even cancel her posting. It is quite sad when something like that befallen your colleague, especially when you knew that she/he have worked hard for it.

As I always say, "Everything in its own time". If something is meant to be yours, then by hook or by crook you will get it. However, if it's not your rezeki yet, then no matter what, you may not get it. Perhaps it is qada' and qadar....WallahuA'lam.


adianiez AIDA said...

yes, aku setuju dgn ko, nuwal. kena pasrah & terima. work hard and you'll get it.

anyway, syok nyer ada posting mcm tu. Adus! memang interesting ler keje ko...

Beautiful Life said...

Aida: yes one of the perks working in a closed service like tourism. Tp it's not all daises and lilies being posted overseas, that is. It's a lot of hard work, and melayani kerenah pelbagai jenis manusia...

salzahari said...

mmmg mcm sonok ye...hmm....tapi lots of hardwork...and commitment.

hey..bila hang nak buat housewarming rmh baru? leh jumpa..lama sungguh ak jumpa hang!

Beautiful Life said...

Sal: Housewarming belum plan lagi, nanti InsyaAllah aku panggil....