Thursday, 18 June 2009

More health issues and tips

I was down with (presumably) a cold and runny nose last Saturday...went to Klinik Idzham at Jalan Genting Klang and the good doctor gave me your standard paracetamol and flu medicine. Sunday, my nose was blocked but my phlegm was thicker and yellower, so I thought I was on the road to recovery. Monday, woke up with worse nose blocked and drowsiness from last night's flu medicine.

Decided to take MC as I feel that I couldn't work that day. Went to another panel clinic, Klinik Wangsa nearby Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju. Met up with Dr Nadir Khan, told him my flu didn't get any better but it good worst. I suspected that I had sinus problem, maybe I was allergic with seafood (I had seafood tomyam on Friday night, that's when the headache and runny nose started). Dr Nadir Khan said that the symptoms are almost similar and went on to declare,"I haven't given any flu or cough medicine to my patients in almost 17 years". Wow. And I thought that the flu medicine is the answer to our flu problems. And cough medicine for our cough problems. He said explained that flu or cough medicine would dry up the phelgm inside of you that at one point your phelgm will be very thick and yellow, and when you cough it will be very dry and hurts your throat.

Therefore, Dr Nadir tought me a technique to dislodge my phlegm. He doesn't want his patients to heal quickly, and I was puzzled by this statement. Aza de Kaza, who introduced me to this clinic explained that the doctor wants the patients to heal more naturally. I have been having phlegm and cough problems for quite sometime now, so what Dr Nadir tought me had been very helpful:

Administer to self, especially when coughing or feeling phelgm stuck:
1. Cup one palm into a half-inverted "V"
2. Pat vigorously on opposite side of the body just above the breast, and feel the phelgm starts to rise in your throat;
3. Same palm, pat vigorously under your rib cage and the side of your body. In no time you'll be spitting the dislodge phelgm.
4. Repeat with the other palm and opposite side of the body.

Administer to others:
1. Boil water and put it in a basin;
2. If doctor provides you with the herbal crystal that can help with your breathing, then drop just a pinch of it in the hot water;
3. Cup palm into half-inverted "V";
4. Patient bent down to inhale the hot water and you pat vigorously behind his/her back to help with breathing. Airway will be more clear and phlegm will thin out.

*can also be done to self for the hot water treatment, minus the pat on the back.


noreez said...

wow! very informative la..must keep in mind tok. selamak tok aku just tauk about that basin n herbal crystal ya. must try nih.hehe
thanx BL!

adianiez AIDA said...

tq wal for the info...