Wednesday, 8 July 2009

R.I.P, M.J

Finally, almost two weeks since his death, MJ was finally brought to rest at the Lawn Forest cemetery...

When I heard about his death, it was 26th June in the morning when Shasha smsed me and told the news, and I'd thought it was a hoax. I logged on to MSN and sure enough there was the news. At that time, I was attending the PTK course and was preparing for final presentation later on that naturally, I didn't dwell much on it as I had other things on my mind.

Much much later on, with the media frenzy and CNN and MTV paying tribute, some people said that he wasn't dead, like Elvis when he left the building. There'd be MJ sightings in the future. It was surreal, I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe he was dead. And seeing how everyone was saddened by his death, but me numbed couldn't feel it. I claimed myself as a MJ fan, but I was ashamed to admit to myself that I'd stopped listening to his records long time ago...yeah, I knew his songs but I haven't listened to his albums in a long time, like I did when I was younger.

I remembered that it was my parents who'd bought his records, what I remembered most was his album Bad as I was introduced to Michael Jackson, or rather I became conscious of him as an artist. I was in primary school. Later on, his movie Moonwalker was my favourite that I'd repeatedly watched, with that magnificent claymation and his stories and video clips - Smooth Criminal, Bad, Liberian Girl. I remembered Dangerous, HIStory but I did not remember Invincible. But there was only one song from Invincible that I kept playing on my pc over my working years - Butterflies....that was the last song that I ever heard and played from him...

So, yes, as any other people wanted to be reacquainted with him, I went out and bought The Essential Michael Jackson. Maybe it was guilt trip but I am a fan of Micheal Jackson and he will be missed...R.I.P, M.J.

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Kerabu Jantung said...

Pease convey this message to Aza De Kaza:
If you write from your heart ,you can never go wrong, be it in Chinese or Telugu!
Keep it up!.

2.Go easy with The Essential Michael Jackson.