Monday, 13 July 2009

Trip to Kijal and KT

It was my third wedding anniversary last Thursday, and I'd planned for a mid-week getaway with hubby to Terengganu. Why Terengganu? Maybe because I'd always felt a sense of calm and familiarity with Terengganu's idyllic lifestyle and blue coastline...I'd also promised myself that we'd take a journey somewhere for our anniversary. None of that candle light, romantic dinner nonsense for me. I'd be happier travelling to a favourite destination or discover new places.

So, at high noon on Thursday, 9th July 2009, we started the journey to Kijal using the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur. It is a boring stretch of road, and for 3 hours I drove while hubby nursed an aching back. I cranked up the volume on The Essential MJ. Off Jabor exit, we turned into Cherating. Beautiful stretch of beaches where you get loads of resorts like Impiana and Legend Resorts, and once Club Med (not sure if it still exist). Further down the road was Kemaman town, which I might say is quite big and developed, not the small quaint town I'd imagined. Awana Kijal was another 51 km from here, and less than one hour we'd reached the resort.

Since I'd a good friend working there, she put us up in a complimentary room. Yes, the perks of working in the industry and knowing people. But I was booked under PIBG SMK Rantau Petronas. What the...? Because my friend was working the school accounts, she managed to squeeze me in...but that is a trade if you have friends working in hotel line, I bet he/she can squeeze you in for one night comp!

This is actually my second visit there, I love the hotel despite the rooms having an 80s feel to it. It's got the largest pool in the east coast, they got a wicked spa called Taman Sari, a giant chess set where you'd have to move the pieces as big as those cones you see at construction sites, lovely breakfast spread serving nasi dagang every morning, huge American Breakfast, mee curry(in the morning??), omelet station, congee.....there's something for everybody. Plus, the club sandwich is to die for!!! Hubby was starting to warm up to the idea of travelling, so it was my mission to bring him to new, exciting destinations.

Next day, we continued on our journey to KT, which was only 126km from Kijal. En route we passed by Kertih, Paka, Dungun, etc, and stopped for air kelapa and jagung rebus, which was our main diet traveling that route. This stretch of road between Rantau Abang and Pantai Kelulut was laden with roadside stalls selling kacang rebus, and jagung bakar & jagung rebus, which you couldn't find anywhere else on the stretch.

Upon reaching Pantai Kelulut, the best keropok lekor I'd ever tasted called "Keropok Lekor 008 Kelulut". The shop is a green double-storey house with open front facing a very purple resort, which its name escapes me now. But if you were looking for it, on your way to KT, the shop will be on your left facing the purple resort after the Pantai Kelulut signboard. I swear its the best keropok, because the fish contents was pure and the keropok itself was soft compared to those meaty, commercial type ones which were laden with flour. Cost cutting measures.

I'd compared it to a few keropoks maker in Losong like Adik Beradik and Adnan. Hands down, its Keropok Lekor 008 Kelulut. But being attached to my kampung in Rompin, I was used to keropok with banyak ikan. Surprisingly, my hubby which hails from Johor and some of my colleagues in the office, do not like the fishy keropok lekor. They'd rather like the pasty keropok lekor which puff up when fried because its full of flour, where the fish taste is only for flavour. Then keropok losong is perfect for them such as Adik Beradik or Adnan keropok. But if you like more fish, then keropok lekor 008 Kelulut is definitely for you...

In KT, we stayed in Primula resort which was RM208nett. The room was recently refurbished, and you get the standard features - white sheets & comforter which is identical to most luxury brand hotels nowadays, none of the fancy & heavy comforter, some new carpeting, new walls and touch screen features remote by your bedside for lamps and tv remote. But the breakfast spread here was not as luxurious compared to Awana Kijal's excellent spread. The food was so-so and might I say, a bit bland.

We then went to the compulsory Pasar Payang for some cuci mata. Didn't bought much cause I'd already bought a few batik sutera when I was in Terengganu back in March for my survey. So had that out of my system. We went to Seberang Takir for some dinner and jus gelas besar, but I was bummed because I didn't find the exact same gerai that I went last March, which had some strange combination of fruit juices, like strawberry + plum. Didn't have much time to bring hubby to the seaside where they served fresh ikan celup visit maybe. Hubby's now fired up to go to Terengganu again....can't wait for my next adventure on the road!


la Signora said...

I miss your travel journals, babe.3 nights ago I had a dream of us girls and I think the setting was in Tjg Bidara.Those were good times :)

Anyway, I'm itching to whisk the hubby to Terengganu, I love the beaches there.But then our cuti next year agak terhad.Oh well.Maybe next time.

By the way, I made my kakak ipar read your take on BALI, since she's going to Bali in 3 weeks.Heh.


nak pinjam grey's anatomi? bleyyy.... but how? it's in my HD now

Beautiful Life said...

La Signora: Hey...yeah thanks...haven't been much of a blogger take on Bali wasn't that much, and not so many pics..but if she needs good pakages can hook her up with my agent;)

Fad: Saja jer...kalau rajin pos lah pada i muahahahhaah by the way, i pun dh lama tak mendapat bekalan pirated cds series. God, I miss Penang!!