Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Critically acclaimed vain pot, Ms Fantaghiro

Its her birthday today!!

Ms Fantaghiro has many passions in life
10 things that she loves:
1. She loves food of all kind, but mostly she loves Chilis
2. In love with Bradley James - from Merlin
3. In love with Jang Hyuk - from Slave Hunter
4. Love all the pretty boys - Used to love Ben Barnes
5. Loves stripper shoes
6. Loves Kopitiam
7. Loves to be a couch potato
8. Loves magic-related series - Charmed, Merlin
9. Loves books
10. Loves Hindustani movies & songs - though at one moment in her life she boycotted them

10 things that Ms Fantaghiro hates:
1. The heat - it gives her migraine
2. Migraines
3. Other vain pots - nobody can topple her crown of vainness
4. Skanky b*****s
5. Rude drivers
6. Rude people in general
7. Cruelty to animals
8. Being called fat
9. BlueHyppo
10. Undisciplined parents & children

So, Happy Birthday Ms Fantaghiro
Many Happy returns of the day
May Allah bless you always
May we remain good friends no matter how...


fantaghiro said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! almost fell off my chair reading this!!!


many thanks doll!!

Beautiful Life said...


indecisiveness said...

but the 10things she hates most, item no.8..wen i read it im like...errrrrrr....

Kerabu Jantung said...

We love you all the same!

Jari-jemari said...

Ms Fantagiro.. Adakah nama dia Siti Fatimah... ataupun Siti.. My ex roomate mase kat Matrikk Lembah Pantai.. yg BI dia adalah sanggat fluent gileeer.......

Beautiful Life said...

Jari Jemari: Yes betullah tu....by the way...siapa ni?

Jari-jemari said...

What a small world !!!!
Sampaikan salam saya pada dia. if dia ingat lagi Eza satu2nya budak Engine dalam rumah tu masa matrik.. Tolong wish her Happy Belated Birthday yer..

fantaghiro said...

lahhhhhh...Eza rupanyaaaaa..
Thank you Eza..lama tak jumpa..hehehe...