Monday, 17 January 2011


As I was getting ready to meet a couple of friends at KLCC after Maghrib to relax, I got a distressed call from Hubby who said that our house was broken in. Immediate thing that he noticed missing was his beloved PSP. A colleague of mine was kind enough to send me back that evening, which was raining cats and dogs by the way. Upon reaching home around 8++pm, my frontdoor neighbour was keeping an eye on my house and hubby and friend went to report the incident to the police. 

My neighbour said that when he came back around 6pm, my front grill was fine and he went in his house as ususal. Not until hubby knocked his door around 7.30pm and told him our house was broken into did he found out about it. It turns out the robber used a wrench to break my padlock and used a masterkey to open my door. He proceeded to my masterbedroom and took the PSP which was by the bedside and continued to ransacked my dressing table and found the jewellery box and additional 3 Coke bottles  full of  syillings (but left behind the ones filled with 1 cents!). Next he went to my spare bedroom and overturned the clothes rack but fortunately didn't touch my cabinet (I hate folding clothes). After founding nothing, he went to the gameroom and took hubby's Levi's jeans (which we only realized missing on Monday), a document bag containing hubby's birth cert, car grant/title, house pruchase agreement. Then he went into the living room and to my book cabinet and took three ornament boxes containg my brooches and nail clippesr!  Lucky he mislooked into one of the smaller ornament boxes as another of my gold bracelet and diamond earrings was in there. Also, on the coffeetable was my external hardisk, MP3 player and spare keys for both cars (which we found missing on Sunday).

The police arrived around 11pm, and there was one Investigating Officer and one CSI officer. They took photos of the ransacked rooms and dusted the jewellery box for fingerprints but couldn't find anything as there were overlapping fingerprints. But the robber did left behind a wrench and the CSI officer took that as well. I am sceptical that the police would find anything. We suspected that it was the work of youngsters, probably worked in pair and might be an inside job!

The robber ranscaked the masterbedroom and found my jewellery boxed stashed in the dressing table. There were 2 gold bracelets and one pair of gold earrings. One of the bracelet was for my engagement, and the earrings was given by a friend. He didn't took the other golden brcelet which was set with emerald stones, probbaly because it wasn't shiny and maybe he thought that it was costume jewellery. Actually, it was my late grandmother's and it has sentimental value. At least that family heirloom was saved based on sheer luck!     

The jewellery box that was dusted for fingerprints ala CSI by Setapak Police Investigating Officer 

My spare bedroom was ransacked too and the clothes rack was overturned but he didn't find anything valuable

Hubby was paranoid and next day called for somebody to fix the existing lock and put another two locks inside the grill. One can never be too careful I suppose. What if the robber comes back to my house or someone else's unit, especially when they find its easy to break into the house?

Hubby's on vigilante mode and is rounding the apartment area around 5pm just to see if there is anybody's suspicious lurking around. And he's been sleeping on the couch with the TV on, just to be on the safe side. When someting like this happened, it makes us feel that the place I lived in is not so safe anymore and the threat of that thing happening again is looming around my head. The apartment committee is also on alert and somehow blamed it on the lax control of the guards. There is no recording system for people going in/out the apartment, the gate is not closed and cars and people can freely get in/out with ease.

Somehow I coped with the stress with TV and cooking...hubby's doing all the worrying and thinking how to safeguard our house. Hope nothing like this happens again...


Zaidah Sikun said...

oh tidakkkk... syukur korang tak apa2, nuwal. skarang ni kes pecah rumah makin menjadi2. Kena extra careful.. & pasang extra lock/security system.. huhuh..

adsumabsum said...

Oh dear.Well, bukan rezeki you, nak buat ape (this is what He-Man would say.Imejin dia cakap melayu.Mesti best kan?Hahaha).As a victim of a burglarized home(TWICE), what can I say but bersabar and remember Allah Maha Adil.Tau lah Dia nak buat ape kat pencuri tu.

But then again, to have someone broken into your home which you regard as your safe haven can be psychologically daunting.I guess we'll have to be more vigilant.

...tak macam kat sini.Ketuk pintu orang kol 3 pagi and kapowwww tembak muka orang tu (ni kes bapak tak kasi anak pasang boyfriend.Kesian bapak kene tembak kat muka).As for robbery, trend for the past 6 months is that they only go for rumah orang muda belia (they target electronical gadgets, video consoles, big ass HD tv etc).Nasiblah rumah my inlaw macam zaman 70an, yakni may not contain anything interesting but old people.HA HA HA.

Beautiful Life said...

Jai: Thanks and yes syukur takder org kat rumah. Mak aku cakap yang orang tgh mencuri ni mcm org naik sheikh, semangat membara, silap2 sapa yang halang kena hempuk!

La Signora: Yeah bersabar jak lah. Barang yang dah diambik ya pun kira burn la. Only concern about our safety and what if it happen to other neighbours, esp if the robber becomes violent - threaten with pisau or rape ppl. That's what we dont want to happen in the future.