Saturday, 29 January 2011

Loh Sang

We had a surprise last week from one of our partners, who brought in  the yee sang dish for our team to do loh sang, which is the act of mixing together the yee sang. Yee sang is basically like a salad dish with different ingredients such as raw fish, shredded veggies, jellyfish and in Malaysia they added crunchy keropok and mix it all together with plum sauce. The dish is suppose to bring greater abundance, so when we mix it together we are suppose to make a wish or wishes on the year to come. Most of us wished for bonus!

The Yee Sangdish set up

Consists of ginger, jellyfish, salmon, keropok, pomelo, coriander, sesame seed

Chef adding plum sauce to the yee sang before we do loh sang

Everyone in position with chopsticks in hand ready to loh sang the yee sang

The dish is mixed up

The aftermath


Kerabu Jantung said...

Oi. kantoi yang dua orang tu tak yee sang!

hnyhar said...

how do u do sis..happy holiday!

Beautiful Life said...

Hynhar: Baik2 jer...saay dh lama tak update blog...busy sket la..