Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Direction

A colleague said something to me during dinner tonight. Said I can easily crossover from government sector to the corporate world/private sector. That was a boost of morale for me. Maybe I am overtly cautious of making the jump since I am comfortable and secured when I landed the government job 8 years ago. Its quite scary to think how I would fare in the "outside" world. Could I make it working for a corporate company? Would I be able to compete with others? Those are the burning questions at the back of my mind that I needed concrete answers before I make a life-changing decision that could break or make my life.

Turns out there is more than just worrying how I would survive in the private sector. There are the matter of personal motivations such as making more money, loving the job and doing a good job, overall satisfaction of handling projects and acquiring new sets of skills. Plus, it'd be good to try other type of working environment that the government one. Working in the current organization gave me a good feel of corporate environment, enfused with government regulations. The work is more systematic and clear cut. I think maybe I used up more brain cells in the new job as I am out of the comfort zone as I have to be more creative, assertive and innovative. Good learning experience too.

So what shall it be?? Dare I move my coffee mug, as a motivator once told me to be bold to make the push. We'll see with the new year, there might be a new direction. Stay tuned!

By the way, Happy New Year 2011.

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Kerabu Jantung said...

Welcome back to cyber world, ingatkan dah nak pencen dah!

Like ayah said if you want to move, do it before 10 years, otherwise you are stuck on the same chair you are sitting!