Friday, 6 May 2011

Strawberry Farm in Genting

Strawberry Farm in Genting - entrance is FOC, parking is easy
Craving for strawberries? Wanna see how strawberries are grown without having to go to Cameron Highlands? Then just drive up to Gohtong Jaya, halfway up to Genting and visit the Taman Santai Strawberi Genting. Apart from just a strawberry farm, this leisure farm concept is all encompassing area for family fun such as shopping, cafe, mini animal park (bee museum, parrots, albino python), mushroom farm, fresh fruits, vegies and flowers & shopping area. This place is good for a family fun afternoon.

Luscious strawberries in a rasa dia masam lah...
Cacat strawberry

Strawberries in various phase - ripe, green & flowering

The strawberry fruit comes out of the flower

Strawberries systematically planted in a pot, row after row. Visitors can pluck their own strawberries from the pots

Fancy strawberries dipped in chocolate?

The gang having a bit of refreshment with fresh strawberry blended, strawberry milkshake and strawberry tea

Tired of strawberries? Have some fried mushroom instead.

Passion fruits hanging low around the shops

Faris and the giant strawberry

There's also a mushroom farm. Loved the mushrooms there as it is fresh and there are certain species only found in highland

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