Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Biskut Mazola

Biskut kacang courtesy of Hanim

Whenever it’s Hari Raya and its our turn to go back to Yan, Kedah, I would look forward to eating biskut Mazola - a slightly salty peanut cookie that is so simple but decadent at the same time. My aunty who lives in Yan make the best biskut Mazola that I’d ever tasted. The peanut cookies are so good and none came close to hers. Sometimes I’d buy the readymade peanut cookies (as pictured above) but it never tasted as delicious like the ones she used to make.

Biskut Mazola also reminded me so much of my kampong in Yan. The big old family house in Yan, where everyone gathered for raya, was a fond memory in my mind. Our family, which always arrived last would have to sleep on the upper portion of the house. During the day, the place where we slept was like a veranda, always so airy and cool when all the French windows were opened. There were lime green carpeting on the wooden floor, which I always thought were cheery and refreshing to an otherwise ordinary kampong house. There was also a flight of stairs connecting outside to the veranda, and us kids always used that way for shortcut into the second floor when we played. 

For me, its not just the biskut but its the kampong life and being a youth at that time and playing around with my cousins (whom we only meet once a year since we lived so far awat) that I always associate with whenever I eat a piece of biskut Mazola.


hnyhar said...

salam nuwal..
sedapnya nmpk biskut mazola tu...ni yg rasa mcm nak buat nih.. :)

Beautiful Life said...

Salam....ada ke resipi kuih ni? yg dalam gambar tu saya dh rasa dah. macam ada letak peanut butter jer sbb yg ini commercial punya. Mak saya cakap yg versi makcik saya tu rangup & berkacang. Nanti kalau ada resipi saya share dlm blog :)

Kerabu Jantung said...

The Yan's version you kena tanya Makcik Oh bila balik Yan nanti!

Takut resepi tu dilupakan begitu saja...